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15 wonderful games to play with your kids the whole summer

Summer is the time to play with your kids outside - it's warm, it's sunny, and there's a lot of time before it gets dark. That's why we at Bright Side bring you a selection of games that will be a lot of fun with your little ones. Plus, they can be played wherever you are!

Summer bowling

Plastic bottles are perfect for making bowling pins - especially if you fill them with colored water.

A game for the whole family

A brilliant idea to have fun together - pull out the sticks until the rainshower of balls falls down. You can make such a toy yourself very easily.

Funny checkers

Such an unusual game of checkers will be interesting to both kids and their parents, while making it only takes an old tree stump and simple stones, like this.

Active backgammon

Who says you can only play backgammon inside? Making an outdoor version is easy, and hopping your way while counting the dots is fun for the whole family.

The wooden tower

Everyone knows the game of Jenga, and it's an all-time favorite. Here you can find the instructions on how to make such a game yourself.

Soap flotilla

If you have an unneeded piece of soap, you can easily turn it into a brigantine braving the ocean waters.


Why bother buying a game of Twister when you can make one yourself in just ten minutes?

Formula 1

Ready! Steady! Go! This game for kids is really simple. Check it out here.

Like the wind!

Who's the fastest? The answer to this question will be known after a lot of laughter, and there will be plenty of happy memories. It's described here.

Plate throwing

If you have a lot of disposable plates, this is one funny and interesting way to use them to everyone's joy.


A couple of stones, a checkered surface, and you can challenge your friends to a game of minds.


No one said you can only ride a skateboard. This one is adapted for flying, just like Marty's in Back to the Future.

Alice in Wonderland

If you have some foam arcs for water aerobics, take a ball and start the family Olympics! Who's the best striker?

Investigating the world

This simple trick with a paper towel tube will amaze your little kids. A piece of advice, though: don't use anything hard for missiles, lest your kid is scared by a loud bang.

A road just for kids

Make your own racing course with something you have close at hand, as shown here.

Water balloons

Balloons filled with water are the simplest and one of the best attractions for kids in the hot days of summer.

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