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17 Kids Who’ve Already Worked Out How To Get Through Life

It's no secret that kids get the hang of things really quickly and can find their bearings even in the most unexpected circumstances.

We at Bright Side have put together a collection of 17 children who've definitely worked out some of life's most important lessons.

This kid is clearly going places.

Is this the real life?

Food isn't allowed in the living room. His tablet isn't allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system. I quit.

I let my 3-year-old make her own dinner. She put candy corn on top of cold pizza. The apprentice has become the master.

All of a sudden, he made sense of the world.

Find someone who looks at you the way this little boy looks at potatoes.

Made my kid put green apple Japanese Hi-Chews on his Cinnamon Toast Crunch because fruit.

I brought in a cake for my nephew's class on his birthday. His response: "What for? I don't like any of these kids."

Me: Who broke the end table?!

5-year-old: I'm pretty sure it was always like that.

This kid asked me for some Skittles, but I had just finished them, so he stared at me like this the entire flight.

My 11-year-old's birthday card to me.

This guy dressed up as his mother and tried to get his phone back.

There's a kid snorkeling in this town fountain. I'm done.

My 3yo "accidentally" unspooled the entire roll of toilet paper. But don't worry, he "fixed" it.

I did my 6-year-old niece's makeup...then let her do mine....

When you're not hungry for the whole pizza, but you still don't want to share. 4yo life hack.

This baby is a whole 7 minutes old and already fed up with life.

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