18 Hilarious Proofs That Children Live by Different Rules

These kids are not angels, and they never miss a chance to show everyone who the boss is.

Bright Side collected some photos to prove that bringing up little kids is very hard...but also a lot of fun!

"Looks like my daughter is on the Dark Side of the Force."

And this is not even her best pose!

Silence is golden. However, it is suspicious if you have a toddler.

Just a touch more eyeliner than needed...

"My hands get so tired when I read."

"If my daughter has been silent for 10 minutes, she will most likely be found like this."

"I'm happy to have 10,000 soft toys. We bought them so that my daughter would go to sleep with a jar of peanuts."

"Day 12. They still don't know I'm not a cat."

This is just a little bit irritating.

Don't ever go shopping with a kid. Ever.

What a beautiful day for some exorcism!

"My friend's child tried coffee for the first time. This is what they sent me last night."

This is what really long legs look like:

When you enjoy trying something new in your life for the first time:

I don't think they expected this in church...

My daughter is going pro at hide and seek.

I took my daughter out for a nice dinner...

I walked in on my son watching TV like this. Freaked me out for a second.

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