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18 Hilarious Situations All Fathers Will Recognize

Life with little kids is an eternal adventure. Especially when taking care of the child is entrusted to the father. This is when family albums will get many new photos that will cheer everyone up and make people laugh their heads off.

Bright Side collected photos of young fathers’ lives that will make you burst into laughter.

15. The stroller broke down, but it’s even more convenient this way. Mom’d better not see it!

14. When all you need is right beside you:

13. How can you keep children from arguing in the car? A couple of sheets of plywood and adhesive tape. Perfect!

12. When you are tired of cleaning marker off your floor:

11. Halloween has never been so captivating.

10. What can wake a child up? The answer is obvious!

9. Everyone should have their own place for games.

8. The only man in the family. I calm myself down and remind myself that I am the chief.

7. The main thing is to find time for yourself.

6. When the kids’ room is closed in the gym:

5. My wife couldn’t stay with our daughters, but they had already made some plans.

4. Who’s a big boy?

3. A walk to remember

2. My wife asked me to put on my best outfit for a walk with our daughter.

1. An expert of disguise

What kind of crazy things have you done, young fathers? Let us know in the comment section!

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