19 Food Hacks That Help Make Parenting A Total Breeze

We all know how children love junk food, playing with their dinner or just refusing to eat anything at all. According to some researchers, undernutrition is becoming a major threat to children’s health. That’s why it’s our job as parents to encourage our kids to eat healthier foods.

At Bright Side, we've collected some fun food tricks that will make your kids feel full and happy, while leaving you calm and stress-free.

1. Stop jelly from spilling out of a PB&J sandwich by surrounding it with peanut butter.

2. Make your toddlers feel like this pancake was made just for their little bites by using a pizza cutter.

3. Prepare a tangerine perfectly so that your kid won't be able to resist it.

4. Don’t let the juice spill out of the cup – simply block it with plastic wrap.

5. Save time by making baby food ice cubes ahead of time.

6. A cucumber will keep your child’s popsicle from melting all over their hands - and there's always a small chance they’ll eat it in the end.

7. A cupcake liner is a pretty effective drip guard too…

8. Hide your candy in some healthy food packaging your toddler hates.

We doubt your kid will ever look for something in there.

9. Freeze yogurt – it’s healthier than ice cream.

10. Make breakfast eggs in different shapes and forms.

11. Put lollipops in Kinder Surprise containers in hopes to stop finding them glued to the sofa a week later.

12. To remove stems from strawberries, use a straw.

13. Leave banana-messages so your kid will want to snack on this healthy treat.

14. A great healthy, tasty, on-the-go snack your children will appreciate. And thanks to its mess-free design, their bus driver will thank you too.

15. Make watermelon popsicles to reduce messiness and make the fruit more appealing to your kid.

Fun tip: You don’t necessarily have to freeze it, it can also be a watermelon lollipop!

16. Attach your toddler’s cup to the fridge using a magnet, so they can have a drink whenever they’d like.

17. To prevent squeezing, lift the triangle tabs on the sides of the juice box.

18. Make healthy snack necklaces.

19. Hide medicine behind a soft drink your toddler really wants to try, but you don’t usually let them have.

Do you use any feeding hacks with your toddlers? Or maybe you’ve invented one yourself? Share it with us in the comments below.

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