20 Amusing Photos Proving That Children Are Extremely Weird Beings

Being a parent is fun, not least because children are an endless source of surprises...sometimes rather unexpected ones.

Bright Side has collected for you 20 pieces of evidence proving that children can be a little weird.

20. "This is how my son watches TV."

19. "My son didn't want to be a tiger or a superhero. He wanted to be a traffic light."

18. All kids know that rabbits are ferocious predators.

17. Her logic is at least understandable.

16. Good hiding skills, son.

15. "If I pretend I’m a cat, they’ll stop making me eat broccoli."

14. "Took my daughter out for a nice dinner."

13. Maybe he’s just tired?

12. "My friend is potty training her kid. This is how she poops when she's cold."

11. We hope this plunger was brand new.

10. This is obviously the most convenient way to eat.

9. What kind of game is this?

8. Struggling to pick up a book

7. "Because I am Batman!"

6. When you’re the only one who took your costume seriously...

5. Just a tea party with my best pals!

4. "I was a weird kid." No doubt about that!

3. Training for a future scuba diving career?

2. This is why you shouldn’t mess with beanbags.

1. "My daughter is going pro at hide and seek."

Have your kids ever pulled stunts like these? Tell us about them in the comment section!

Preview photo credit mc_dad/reddit, thegreatbarcia/reddit
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