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20+ Internet Users Prove That Nothing Can Beat Mom’s Sense of Humor


Parents who have a positive attitude toward the world grow self-confident and optimistic kids, which helps them adjust in society faster. It means that the situations that make kids feel embarrassed, resentful, and ashamed of their family are actually useful. Here’s a hint for moms — never lose your sense of humor!

Bright Side is sure that being a mother is a special skill that requires optimism, selfless love, and a dash of indifference.

Only a wise employer will appreciate this reason.

“I asked my mom to open the blinds for my flowers. She did everything she could and even more.”

Why buy a barbell if you already have 2?

“My mom tried to give my nephew a fade yesterday. I have been howling for 24 hours straight.”

“We’re discussing how mothers react to tattoos.”

“Mom sent me an email titled ‘New York pics’ that only included this photo.”

A life lesson was learned.

“She’s either tucked in the corner or a budding escape artist....”

“My mom got this teeth ball for our dog and it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“When are you going to start dressing like a girl? Who passed this trait on to you?”

“I thought my mom made me cake pops...”

“My mom didn’t even ask me if I wanted any ice cream, but she bought some for our dog.”

“I asked my mom to send me a picture of my dog and this is what I get.”

A default option, just like washed dishes and a made-up bed

“Went to see my mom for a few hours. Underestimated how many towels she gave me.”

"I asked my mom to bring me tissue masks and lipstick from Thailand.


She probably remembers her youth very well.

When you are a mother and you only have Pikachu Band-aids at home:

“My mom got her dog a sweater, when I asked why it was pink she said, “He’s very secure with his masculinity.”

When you ask your mom to pack your belongings:

Does this look familiar to you?

“Asked my mom what she was doing today and she told me ‘just work’ then texts me this 3 hours later.”

“Look at this picture of my cat that my mom drew.”

Do you agree that all mothers are a little bit alike? In which pieces of the article did you recognize yourself or your mom? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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