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20 Photos That Prove Having Kids Is Way Better Than Going to the Circus

Our life becomes much brighter and more diverse when there's a child in the family. But turn your back for just a second, and they have already licked the bar of soap, colored the dog with sharpies, and dunked your favorite shoes in a bucket full of water. Having a kid is like taking a neverending ride with neither an entrance ticket nor an emergency exit. You have no choice but to love them unconditionally and endlessly.

Bright Side gathered several funny photos that prove kids can do the most unpredictable things.

"Actually, it's a self-portrait of my 8-year-old nephew in a Minion T-shirt."

"I left my 2-year-old for just 2 minutes."

This kid got really bored of waiting in a line.

"A bird? Nah! A dangerous snake? Give it to me!"

"I told my daughter that CDs have music on them."

"So I asked my 3-year-old daughter to replace the toilet paper roll... Well done!"

When your mom told you to wear a tie:

"My daughter got mad at me when I wouldn't let her play a game on my phone during dinner. This was her way of expressing her anger."

"I lost my kid in Target. Found him here."

"My 6-year-old son had been asking me over and over, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" and I just found out why."

"My friend let her son wear this hoodie on picture day if he promised to take it off for the photo. He didn't."

"My 2-year-old brother put the blame for what he did on Buzz Lightyear!"

This is how my kids undersood the rule "No painting in the house."

"I don't need a DNA test. I'm sure she's my daughter."

"I just saw this. Should I be worried?"

"This is how my son likes to watch cartoons on an iPad."

Сo-sleeping rocks, doesn't it?

"When I let him use my phone for like 2 minutes."

"This is fashion, mom."

Bonus: 2/3 of parenting consists of staring like this at your kids until they behave normally.

Do your kids misbehave? How do you cope with it? Share your opinion and photos in the comments.

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