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20 Proofs That Kids Should Never Be Left Alone

You think the speed of light is the quickest thing out there? Not true. Kids are faster! There’s no other explanation for the disasters they cause when left on their own for just a few moments.

Bright Side gathered 20 pictures to prove this point.

Smurformation is almost complete.

Just like dad.

And just like mom, right?

"Hey, Siri! How do I clean the monitor from felt-tip pen?"

You wanted to do some renovations, didn’t you?

A young body art model.

State-of-the-art technology: chewing gum button remote.

Pets should be well fed.

The walls were too dull.

Eating from the floor is much more fun.

Little siblings should know their place.

"My kids locked my iPod for 45 years."

So when does the paper turn soft?

When they said kids would require lots of money, I didn’t think they meant this.

Okay, here we go again: 2 glasses of flour, same of sugar...

...and butter should be the main ingredient!

Has there been an avalanche in the bathroom?

I don’t know whether to cry with happiness or grief.

Someone’s not really sorry for the mess.

All done! Let’s have some rest!

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