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20 simple ways to keep your kids entertained in summer

Many of us encourage our kids to spend as much time outdoors as possible when the weather's good. Keeping them entertained throughout those long summer months can be a real challenge.

That's why Bright Side put together this collection of 20 excellent ideas to help ensure your kids have as much fun as they can when the sun is shining.

A large drawing board

Many kids love drawing, but they do this at home most of the time. But in the summer, a stuffy house is hardly the best environment to get their creativity flowing. To help them enjoy both art and the good weather, why not make an outdoor chalkboard for them?

A sandbox without the heat

No kids' play area would be complete without a sandbox. Take a look at these instructions to find out how to make a sandbox where your kids can play in comfort.

A kitchen made from pallets

Lots of children love pretending to be homemakers, and a little homemade kitchen like this one will be a truly wonderful treat for them. Find out how to put it together here.

An experiment wall

Children grow and learn by carrying out simple and safe experiments with the things they see around them. If you want to make sure your kids become geniuses and have fun at the same time, take a look at this.

A magical teepee

Every kid will love hiding away in this cozy teepee. And in the summer heat, it's a great way for them to keep cool and have fun. Find out how to make your own here.

An unusual hammock

Every kid loves playing or just lying in a real hammock. The good news is, even if you don't have two sturdy trees in the backyard, you can still make your own. Find out how to do it here.

A climbing wall

It's time to leave the iPad alone and scale new heights. What could be better than exercising in the fresh air? Find out how to build this great little climbing wall for your kids here.

Watch TV outdoors

There's nothing more pleasant than watching movies and cartoons under the open sky on a summer's eve. Find out how to do the same here.

A water trampoline

Kids love jumping, so much so that sometimes it seems they could do it all day without stopping. To help them release some of that boundless energy, try making this water trampoline. It's an especially good idea for when the weather's hot.

A classic children's game

Nothing beats a game of hopscotch. Especially when you don't need to spend any time drawing out the numbers on the ground. Take a look at how to do it here.

A refreshing summer shower

We feel the need to take a refreshing cool shower more often when the sun is out - children included. Find out here how to help your kids cool down by making your own outdoor shower.

Make your own seesaw

These wonderfully cute little seesaws will instantly draw your kids' full attention.

A summer house for a princess

Find out here how to build this wonderful summer house where your little princess can play, read, and dream.

Homemade swings

These simple and cheerful swings will keep kids entertained for hours. Find out how to make your own here and here.

A musical fence

This is a superb idea for helping your kids get some exercise while stimulating their interest in music. Find out how to create an outdoor orchestra right here.

Cheerful seats

Even kids need a rest sometimes, and when they're ready to sit down and perhaps play a board game or have a bite to eat, these cute chairs are the perfect solution.

Something for the bravest

Attach a sturdy strap between two trees at various heights, and watch your future world-class acrobats develop their skills. Find out more here.

A fairytale garden

In a magical garden kingdom like this one, your children will have hours of fun playing their favorite games and developing their fantasies. Learn how to create your own here.

The race course of their dreams

Your kids will forget the very meaning of the word 'boredom' if you create a race course like this one. It's easy enough to do - find out here.

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