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20 times children made our lives less dull

All children get up to mischief now and then, but they make it funny and charming — even if they paint your favorite white carpet blue or come home covered in mud. That’s how they explore the world, without thinking of the consequences.

Bright Side gives you a chance to laugh at their little tricks instead of scolding them.

Inspiration causes sweet dreams.

Come on, I took out the plates!

Come on, mom, it's impressionism.

Not my size yet, but who cares?

Now try to find me!

Dad, wait till you see your room...

My first tattoo.

Mr. Kiss.

- Where are you, Gigi? We looked behind the dresser! 

Batman. The beginning. 

It tastes better.

His morning doesn't start with coffee.

I just wanted to look for chickens...

You said I have to stop using the potty...

Mom, we want to play five minutes more!

Let's have a foam party!

Mom, you'd better not wash the floor today.

- You think she won't notice? Oops, she already did...

They're all tasty, believe me!

I washed all of it, give me the next batch!

Shopping is my forte.

Um ... there was a Leprechaun, mom, I swear.

Based on materials from kidsaretheworst / instagram
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