20 Times Your Kids and Pets Were on the Same Exact Page

Pets are a source of fun and positivity for any family. Some studies have shown that they help kids develop their learning and stay healthier, all while providing comfort and encouraging nurturing. Besides, pets make families grow closer and stronger, improving the overall family bonding experience. They are undoubtedly the best companions for a kid to have a life full of adventures and laughter. The only thing left for a parent to do is keep the camera charged and ready!

Bright Side found for you photos proving that life with pets and kids is not double trouble but a life full of hilariousness. Which of these will make you laugh out loud?

20. Caught white-handed!

Cake? What cake? We haven't seen any!

19. Pleeeeeeease, biscuits!

Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?

18. Sharing the same soul!

True happiness comes from sharing with somebody!

17. Day 5....and they still haven't figured out that I'm not a cat.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, just lick it all off the floor!

16. Puppy training is on!

The parents told this kid that there are many YouTube videos about how to train a puppy. Here you go, puppy!

15. Even tough dogs enjoy afternoon tea!

Where is the cake? I was specifically told that tea would be served with cake!

14. Mom, I hid the dog. You'll never find him!

What do you even do with this amount of seahorses, bunnies, and cats?

13. Cat: Wait a second! This is not my house and not my human!

We can't decide who looks funnier!

12. Wait. This. Is. Grrrreat!

Human, don't tell anybody that I like this...especially that orange cat across the street!

11. Dude, we are cute, so we have nothing to worry about!

Just look innocent. It always works!

10. 3 hours later, nobody is willing to give up.

Time to show who is the tough dog!

9. Do you see?

See what? I thought we were just standing here...

8. I agreed to a pink unicorn horn, not this!

The definition of a perfectly timed photo!

7. C'mon, Barbie, let's go party.

The dog is having the time of his life!

6. The Princess and the Pauper

That's how fame starts, with just one worshipper!

5. I'm a tough dog!

But, man, I love these pink fluffy things! I hope they don't realize I stole the toys!

4. Help me! It's not even Christmas!

And this is the 10th time this week!

3. I didn't sign up for this, did I?

But I don't mind a free ride!

2. When you are on a diet and you stare into every bakery on your way home:

2 more days until the end of the diet, and then I will eat every single item in this place!

1. Snuggles now, mischief later!

You nose we love you!

Do you think that growing up with a pet influences a kid's personality? Share your answers in the comments.

Preview photo credit Unknown/Imgur, IAmLeftShark/Imgur
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