21 Photos Showing That Genetics Is an Unpredictable Thing

Genetics is a science that is hard to argue with. Sometimes it brings such surprises that parents can't even recognize their kid, and sometimes all family members look identical: for example, with similar birthmarks or bright red hair.

Bright Side gathered 21 photos proving that our genes sometimes like to make fun of us.

"My dad and I are a great reminder that genetics isn’t an exact science."

This is what happens when twins marry twins and have twins too. The matrix collapses.

A family mark for each member

Dad, son, and their sleeping positions

The redhead gene is strong in this family.

These girls are twins!

"My sister is a ginger and has heterochromia. A genetic masterpiece."

"Twins holding twins in 1987. The same twins holding the same twins in 2017."

"I am half Scottish and half Japanese — I hand-sewed this kimono from men's dress shirts and boxer shorts."

Albino family

Both generations have the same hobby. Dad and son have never wanted to change it.

Twin gingers

Do they look in the same direction?

A grandpa and his granddaughter both have a rare skin disease called vitiligo.

"My dad and I in 1991, and my cat and I in 2013. Find 10 differences!"

"Me at the age of 17 and my daughter at the age of 14."

A German no-rule fights champion and his dad

Making faces is also a skill that can be inherited.

Guys are good at making faces as well.

41-year-old blogger Lure Hsu (left) with her sisters: 40-year-old Fayfay (middle) and 36-year-old Sharon (right).

Swedish fitness model Anna Nystrom and her mother

And do you have such similarities or differences in your family? Share with us in the comments! It's gonna be fun.

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