23 Embarrassing Kid Photos That Are Too Hilarious Not to Laugh At

Not everyone likes being photographed, but if you're a kid, you don't have a choice. Modern parents are always in combat readiness to take pictures of their children. Some of them even run kids' accounts on Instagram.

We were a bit luckier: parents didn't take many photos, but those existing pics are just incredible and our parents keep them in a wardrobe or hang them on the walls.

Bright Side gathered photos of Internet users who blush a bit when they see shots of themselves.

"My friend’s boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later."

"Exactly 27 years ago, my mom took the perfect picture of me and my sister. Some things never change."

"Every year my sister sends me this picture of me from Christmas morning circa 1985. I guess I had no time for pants that morning."

"This picture of me when I was little makes me look like I was destined to become the most hardcore godfather."

"My family is incapable of taking a normal picture at Thanksgiving."

"This is my friend's kindergarten picture circa 1986."

"Why would my parents decide to have this picture of me developed?"

"My son turned 6. I told him to smile nicely for his kindergarten picture. This is what we got."

A typical teenager's room where posters are the best alternative to wallpaper.

"Get off of me dad. I'm trying to be miserable."

"Whenever I'm feeling down I look at this old picture of my friend. Gets me every time."

"My husband told me if I ever showed anyone this picture of him on stage at a Star Trek convention when he was 8 years old, he would divorce me. I'm so calling his bluff... Enjoy!"

"My wife would kill me if she found out I uploaded a picture of her from kindergarten."

"Just found a picture of me when I was young. Thought you guys might enjoy."

Probably dad wanted his son to look just the same.

"Just found this picture of me eating a sandwich."

Just the best photo with Santa!

"In 1994, I told my dad I wanted to be an ear for Halloween. He really came through."

"Here is a picture of me in an Elvis costume."

"Took my daughter out for a nice dinner."

When you have a rebellious spirit since childhood.

Do you remember this guy in SpongeBob pajamas?

This photo became a meme in the blink of an eye. His mom mixed up Pajama Day and Picture Day. He was not pleased.

Bonus: we hope he'll never see this picture.

This compilation inspired Bright Side to look through our old photo albums and we saw many things that we hope no one else has! Do you have any old pictures that you don't want to show?

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