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23 Parents Shared What Inexplicable Reasons Made Their Toddlers Cry

Probably no adult is capable of matching the imaginative capacity of the little ones. Their desire to know and create new things ends up transporting them to a world they only know. But, just like us, they also have their bad days, and that same imagination makes them find the most unusual reasons to throw a proper tantrum.

At Bright Side, we know that being a parent is a challenge, so it’s best to take these senseless tantrums with a pinch of salt.

  • I was with my 3-year-old getting him ready for bed, and he said, “Mommy, I want water.” I went to the kitchen; suddenly, I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs, “Mommy!” and he started crying uncontrollably. I ran to see what was wrong and between tears, he said: “Mom, I have a hole, I have a hole,” and I was terrified, checking him to see where or what had happened, and it turned out that the hole was his belly button. © Silvia Sánchez / Facebook
  • My baby was crying inconsolably for her finger today, and we tried to relieve her pain, but she didn’t know which finger it was. © Angie Litxi Villamizar de Aguirre / Facebook
  • My youngest son cried because he was put in the kindergarten classroom after recess and said he would burn the chicken he was cooking. The chicken was plastic. © Vivian Chaves Chinchilla / Facebook
  • Mine cried because she couldn’t pull the “little skin” off her ear, that is, her earlobe because it was in her way. She also cried because I told her she was a girl but wanted to be a dog. She is 3 years old. © Sandra Melissa Bustamante / Facebook
  • My son cried because the water in his water bottle was “raw.” © Yoha Rizzotti / Facebook
  • My daughter cried because I didn’t tuck her in well. I tried wrapping her like a tamale like 5 times so that not a single limb was left uncovered, but for some strange reason, her foot would come out of the cover, which was unacceptable. © Saucedo Jessica / Facebook
  • Children cry for strange things. My child one day called me crying because he couldn’t see; I just told him, “Open your eyes.” © Mario Zamarron / Facebook
  • My son cried because his hair was dragging on his pillow. © Catalina Delgado / Facebook
  • My oldest daughter cried because I hadn’t saved her cake from our wedding. She was born ten months after we were married and cried when she saw the pictures. © Ruben MaElena Martinez / Facebook

What was the strangest thing that caused uncontrolled crying in your little ones?

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