23 pictures of amazing fathers whose kids are truly lucky

One of the most important things in bringing up a kid is to have a well-chosen father. We at Bright Side would like to share with you some utterly adorable pictures of fathers who prove beyond doubt that their partners made the right choice when it comes to raising children.

Dad is strong

And tough

He gives an example for you to follow

He teaches you to keep your head up and stay afloat

Despite all his strength, though, a real dad doesn't hesitate to be tender and caring

He's ready to sew dolls together

Polish his little girl's nails

Read books to his kids at bedtime

Draw together

Or even become a living sketch pad

Dad doesn't mind laughing at himself

He has no problem becoming a model for her makeup practice...

...or her ambitions to become a hairdresser

He lets you experiment on him

Dad loves spending time together with you

Going to the countryside

Dad can also transform himself...

...into anyone and anything

Dad is always ready to listen to you...

...and give you a hug

He's always at your side and ready to lend you a helping hand

Dad is a superhero!

And every superhero must have a superdaughter!

Preview photo credit vindiesel, superdad_spotlight
Based on materials from instagram
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