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24 Letters to Santa From Kids Who Aren’t Afraid to Speak Their Mind

Christmas is a time of miracles. Children and adults are all waiting for gifts. And the most enterprising kids pick up pencil and paper and write their dreams and wishes directly to Santa Claus.

Bright Side collected 24 of the most ridiculous and cute letters ever sent to Santa.

24. When you have Daddy as a secretary:

23. Bring gifts in full, Santa!

22. Oh no! He isn’t fat! He has gifts in his stomach.

21. And for me too!

20. Chris, we all need 53 billion dollars.

19. XO XO! Sarah, you are so sweet!

18. Only a stuffed chicken? Riley, you’re so cute!

17. What a versatile personality!

16. Brilliant idea!

15. He definitely won’t receive a gift for Christmas.

14. Santa must be very knowledgeable in technology...

13. How clear!

12. And that’s all?! Sophie...

11. The sincerest desire of all children

10. King of the North? Game of Thrones? Hmmm... It’s not for Santa.

9. It sounds like a kidnapping...

8. YES!

7. “Mrs. Claus says ’Hello!’ ”

6. Rudolph will be surprised.

5. Business child, Santa doesn’t have an AK-47.

4. Aww... Thanks for caring!

3. Sure, capiche!

2. Lucy, how old are you?

1. Wow! Future hacker!

Have you ever written a letter to Santa? Tell us in the comments!

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