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24 People Who Have No Problem With Parenting

Parenthood is not only about educating your children, but it’s also about coming up with new inventive ways to trick them. How can you make them clean up? How can you hide the fact that the last piece of candy was eaten by their mother? Just look at the amazing things parents have invented to keep things calm at home.

At Bright Side, we’re amazed by the imaginations of these 24 parents. Maybe you’ll find some of their tricks useful!

“It was my husband’s turn to feed her...”

This is simply genius.

A dad has to do what a dad has to do to make a bottle.

A perfect place? We think it’s a perfect crime.

When it’s too hot to play outside:

A mother who’s really good at negotiations

Testing a new gyro scooter

They probably didn’t break the rules too often.

Mothers know that everything depends on the point of view.

Sometimes you have to take desperate measures.

Because simply wiping it off is too boring.

How to make cleaning interesting:

When you not only have 2 sons but also a good sense of humor:

How to trick children into eating vegetables:

Children don’t need to know that birthdays only happen once a year.

If your children are constantly trying to get out of the playpen, just make it bigger!

Parents are ready to do anything to make their children eat healthy food.

How to wash your children and not flood the house:

This is really cunning.

“I ate my father’s cake and he locked the fridge!”

21st-century punishment looks like this:

A cute bat is the best gift a father could give.

The best tip for parents who want to sleep:

A quick way to destroy your kids’ faith...

Do you have anything to add to this list of parenting life hacks? Tell us in the comment section below.

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