24 Proofs That Children Are Little Geniuses

Have you noticed how smart children are now? They will find a way out of any situation, and they'll do it creatively!

Bright Side was very amused by these inventions of little geniuses. Who knows? Maybe these are future inventors, and we will hear about them again!

24. My son made a home movie theater, and I want one too!

23. My son said that technically he is not in the rain.

22. А DIY safe with a working lock. Bet he'll hide his report cards there.

21. Modern children don’t need "hands-free" technology.

20. They know how to stay focused on the most important things.

19. A spinner from LEGO. Why buy things when you can make them yourself?

18. And this is a useful invention for everyone: a hood with a pillow. This child will become a millionaire!

17. My child couldn’t reach the switch.

16. We couldn’t go anywhere this summer, but my child was not upset at all.

15. My child made great use of LEGO.

14. The bunk bed now has a special function.

13. Do you need special glasses to see a solar eclipse? My son has a device that's much more convenient.

12. No air mattress? It’s all right!

11. A home theater – mobile version.

10. This baby figured out the water sensor and now listens to music whenever she wants.

9. She was forbidden from taking a book into the bath. She promised that nothing would happen to it.

8. His own breathing apparatus. Here is someone prepared for any situation.

7. He's too young to climb on the sofa, so he came up with something else.

6. A massage chair you can carry with you. It seems that my child is very tired.

5. When you can’t eat in bed.

4. It was very uncomfortable to put the phone next to the bed, so my brother did this for me.

3. I really like this new way to watch movies.

2. They are born with the necessary knowledge.

1. My son invented this bed for himself.

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