25 Hilarious Moments Where Grown-Ups Were Left Alone With a Kid

Some grown-ups really have a way with children. Sometimes their genius approach borders on insanity; sometimes it’s unbearably cute. Other times it’s so subtle and intelligent that you can’t help wishing to take parenting lessons from them.

Bright Side made a selection of the most unusual parents, and we also prepared a little bonus for you at the end. And now, enjoy the pictures, don’t hold back your emotions, and be sure to share them with us in the comments.

"My childless uncle watching the kids for the weekend."

"Fishing with Dad"

"I couldn’t find this girl’s parents, so I locked her up with the dinosaurs until I found them."

When parents (and kids) are sick of ponies and princesses:

"Looking through my parents’ old photo album makes me appreciate the fact that I made it to where I am today."

"My dad casually ignoring me and my sister sometime in the '80s."

"I’ll never go cycling with you again, Dad!"

"Friend sent me this saying, 'It’s not my fault she has no imagination.' "

"Parents say they love us just the same, but I have a hard time believing it."

"I definitely won’t forget this Christmas present."

Banks have their own ways of preparing children for adult life.

"Dads compete to see who can stack more Cheerios on their babies."

"I didn’t even know my husband had this costume until now."

"My daughter is going to her new school for the first time today."

When you and your dad work in the same building:

"A baby just handed me this on my flight. I ain’t mad."

"My daughter is going to her first disco."

"Left my son with his grandfather, and he made up this anti-slouching device. I don’t even know what to think."

"We’re not lazy parents. We’re just ingenious."

"She drew a picture of her dream dress, and her grandma made it for her."

"I have a daughter, so I always look pretty."

"My dad knows how to motivate."

"I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I’m not sure what I’d even say."

When Dad does the yearbook picture instead of Mom:

Bonus: A Photoshopping father takes unnerving photos of his daughter.

Stephen Crowley, 32, is the father of little Hannah. She has a rare immune disorder, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), that demanded chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. The girl spent 6 months of her life in hospital. Thankfully, she started to recover after the treatment. Her dad started to take "dangerous" photos of his daughter to bring a little humor to the life of the family. Later, the hobby continued.

Not only did Stephen’s scary photos entertain his Instagram followers but they also raised awareness about the disease: he’s had people asking him how they can become donors of blood or bone marrow.

Seems like this guy is a contender for the Parent of the Year award!

Who else do you think could win the prize?

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