25 Photos Proving That Shopping With Kids Is Mission: Impossible

Every parent knows that shopping with kids is an adventure only for the brave and courageous.

Bright Side has prepared 25 photos showing what children actually think of all this shopping stuff.

Any activity that takes more than a minute is torture...

...even if you were not against shopping initially.

Even if you were begging your mom to take you with her.

But the biggest horror begins when your mom starts a long conversation with somebody.

That's when you can't hide the pain and despair anymore.

No strength to hide them at all.

And then they start to seek support from anyone who is ready to give them a hand.

However, sometimes playing hide and seek can be a great way to entertain both yourself and your parents.

What could be funnier than scaring your parents to death with your masking abilities?

It seems he has been standing here for quite a while.

On the other hand, you can easily try out new images in a shop.

"I told the kids to get dressed so we could go to the store."

You can also express to everyone what you think about all this stuff.

Sometimes children find very unusual ways to entertain themselves in a shop.

"This is what I turned around to after searching for frozen veggies."

Or you can destroy $1,300 of cosmetics in 20 minutes.

Or simply make a big mess.

But for every man, shopping with his mom is a special torture.

It seems women adapt more easily to shopping from childhood.

It's probably because men like to set their own rules...

...while young ladies show patience in a last-ditch effort.

And, by the way, why create these carts for children if we can't take them home?

Children have a unique ability to adjust to any uncomfortable situation...

...because it's more difficult to arrange such a situation at home.

But the main thing is that you can forgive all their pranks for their innocent looks and eternal charm.

We think parents that go shopping with kids deserve a monument. Please share some interesting photos or stories with us if you have also been in such funny situations.

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