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25 Pictures Prove Why Parenting Is a Total Hoax

People find it so easy to call someone a bad parent and shame those who treat their kids in unconventional ways. We’re not referring to parents who put their kids in actual physical danger, of course, but rather to parents who let their kids act however they want and do questionable, silly things. Their actions prove that no parent is perfect and mistakes can be made by even the most thoughtful of people — it has nothing to do with how much they love their kids.

Bright Side has browsed the web and found some of the funniest images showing parents being far from perfect when it comes to handling their children.

1. Just a second before catastrophe hit

2. She was going to drink her milk anyway.

3. Ready for a ride?

4. Who said that only mothers can multitask?

5. Why take a cart when you already have one slightly in use?

6. Hyperactive kids need something to occupy themselves.

7. We’d rather see kids stuck in the toilet than snakes popping out of it.

8. What does a parent do when their kid is being eaten by a camel? Take a picture, obviously!

9. Multitasking

10. This little fella wanted a seflie.

11. Anyone want a burrito?

12. How different did he think this would end up?

13. We really can’t see where he’s gone wrong.

14. This dad has created the mess and he is going to solve it.

15. Parenting hack #5, grocery store edition

16. At least he can sense where his baby is at all times.

17. “Hey, catch!”

18. “Here boy, feed the raccoon.”

19. Things don’t always happen the way they should.

20. If she doesn’t want to eat, then let her be.

21. Risk-taking from an early age

22. Basically, they need equal protection.

23. Cracking a joke with their toddler

24. Why walk all the way to the restroom?

25. Did you really think this would be funny?

Do you think that perfect parenting exists? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us down in the comment section.

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