26 Reasons Why Kids Refuse to Eat That Blow Their Parents’ Minds

We all know that making a kid eat something is a difficult task. Sometimes the reasons why they refuse to eat even their favorite food are so weird they can blow their parents' minds.

Bright Side presents the fanciest examples of kids' logic shared by their optimistic parents.

My daughter can't eat the apple because it reminds her of Snow White.

My kid can't eat this muffin because "it looks like it needs a doctor."

He can't eat the chip because it's broken. I can't eat it because it's his. It's a vicious circle.

My kid can't eat the cherries because by removing their seeds, I turned them into olives.

My kid can't eat the cookie because he discovered halfway through that it isn't an Oreo. I never said it was an Oreo. He's crying. There is a crowd forming. Send help.

My kid can't eat "cracked" grapes and can't "eat things that are broken" because they might "break him."

My kid can't eat the cookie because it's too cute. I actually had to freeze it so it could stay like this forever and he could visit it.

My daughter can't eat this because "the ice cream is melting, and the gummy bears are drowning."

My kid can't eat the ratatouille because it wasn't made by a rat.

My kid can't eat this because shells go in the ocean. Nobody should eat them.

"Somebody licked my toast." "The cereal is too bright." "The yogurt tastes like popsicles." "The blueberries are too small. And too big." It seems that my kid's sole purpose is to make me lose the will to live.

My kid can't eat this because the pizza is cut in squares, not triangles, and square pizza is too fancy.

My daughter can't eat this because she's a vegetarian. She wants chicken nuggets instead.

My daughter refused to eat this, and I ended up eating them all by myself. An hour later, she asked me to bring the waffles back. When I told her they're gone, she cried like a Directioner upset about Zayn.

My 4-year-old daughter can't eat this cake because it's "too beautiful."

My son can't eat them because they don't have heads. Side note: he bit all the heads off.

My 5-year-old daughter can't eat the dessert because I'm making her share it with her brother. She literally can't do it.

My kid can't eat raspberries because the hairs disgust him. He's fifteen. Fif. Teen.

My daughter can't eat this because she's "full." This is breakfast. Full of what? Your dreams?

My son can't eat the cheese because "a mouse already had some."

My son refused to eat the cake because the frosting cracked when he dropped it. He's 17!

My kid can't eat raisins because they're not in a box.

My kid can't eat the banana because he wanted it peeled by Daddy.

My kid can't eat this because it's not made of pizza.

My kid can't eat this because he doesn't like his food this fancy.

My kid can't eat the grilled cheese sandwich because it has a "tail" and he doesn't eat animals.

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