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27 Cool Parents Who Learned to Take Everything Easy

Being a parent means having a lot of responsibilities and difficulties. But mothers and fathers are people too, which means they make mistakes and can approach problems with a sense of humor. And sometimes they simply amaze us with their quick-wittedness.

Bright Side has collected 27 photos of wonderful parents who prefer to take life easy. Sometimes it can be useful to follow their example and, finally, let yourself relax.

When your parents are engineers...

...and simply very creative people.

"We’re good parents, I swear!"

When we see it in commercials vs how it looks in real life:


"Took my daughter out for a nice dinner."

— Daddy, will you leave some space on the chair for me, please?

— Sure, honey.

I told my dad that I want to be an ear for Halloween! No problem!

What a reaction!

My wife’s parents made her a cool Christmas stocking.

And the "Parents of the Year" award goes to this couple.

I am 28, and I live with my parents. Here’s what they gave me for Christmas this year.

I just wanted to teach my son to swim.

My parents are real stay-at-homes, but recently they sent me this photo from their trip.

We have just put on a new dress.

I bought a cover for my smartphone in an online shop. It turned out it didn’t match my phone, so I gave it to my dad...


Sonny, I am holding you!

My mom was having fun and decided to put the potatoes in size order.

I am 24, and I live with my parents. This is my Christmas present. I think they are hinting at something.

My dad finally got to know about my tattoo. Here is his reaction:

I thought I had bought a cool Christmas sweater for my son until his teacher explained to me what Santa is doing in the picture.

My dad had been looking at me like this for 5 minutes until I saw his plate...

My friend went to the zoo with her daughter and got distracted for a while.

My dad didn’t have time to get balloons for my birthday, so he presented me with these. He works as a stomatologist.

Once my dad got drunk and decided to teach our dog to ride a bike.

No kid was injured in this photo session. Really, it’s just an emotional shot.

Do you have any interesting photos of your parents that the whole world should see? Please share them in the comments!

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