27 Dads Who Preferred Pranks to Sticks And Carrots

Let’s admit that a father’s sense of humor is a rather special case. Only dad jokes are full of sly and sometimes relentless humor.

Bright Side gathered 27 proofs that your father’s jokes are the best.

“My wife asked me how I wanted to spend Father’s Day breakfast.”

“My apartment lost power for two days. I complained to my dad and minutes later I got a text: ’They’re on the case!’”

“After a multi-year battle, I finally convinced my dad to upgrade his old Nokia 3310 to an iPhone. The custom phone case he ordered for it arrived today...”

When your dad doesn’t miss a single chance to troll:

“I was charged $39.35 to hold my son at the hospital. Here’s my kid in his new favorite shirt.”

“My father took a picture of me after my first girlfriend punched me in the eye.”

“A gag my father pulled at a basketball game in college.”

Conor McGregor bought his newborn son a 3-piece suit for the big fight.

“One benefit of being a little person is that you can drive your daughter around in her Barbie Jeep when she’s had too much to drink...”

“My dad hates cats. He just sent me this while babysitting my cat.”

“I made this tie for my dad when I was in 1st garde. 11 years later he wears it to my graduation.”

“My dad just moved to Tokyo. I asked for a picture...”

Only one person in the world could do it.

“My boyfriend moved out of his parents house last year. He’s been replaced already.”

Exact photo description of a dad joke in action:

“My dad brought a kitten home and let it drive.”

If your dad is a fashion police officer.

“In 1994, I told my dad I wanted to be an ear for Halloween. He really came through.”

“My sister went to Military Ball... my dad wanted in.”

“When I was 12, I was attacked by a howler monkey in Costa Rica. My dad runs a tour and travel company down there, and I found this postcard on his rack...”

Only beer can save parents from hopelessness at children’s parties.

When you’re a troll’s daughter.

“That proud dad moment when you go to a liquor store and find your son’s confiscated fake ID displayed on the wall of shame.”

My girlfriend posted this photo and her dad wrote this:

“Dad, look! You’re on the big screen!”

We bet they won that costume contest.

When you can’t predict a pitfall.

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