28 Families Whose Stories Deserve an Oscar

We all have interesting stories from our childhood, funny wedding photographs, or stories from our parents and relatives that are really hard to believe.

Bright Side has chosen 28 stories with such breathtaking plots that you could use them to film cool movies.

"My dad and his veterinarian mother with their pet lion which they raised for 2 years." (1959)

"Shot the first wedding portrait — nailed it!!"

"My parents invited all their friends and family to a costume party. When people got there, they found out it was actually their wedding."

"My mom worked for a box factory. This was my childhood."

"Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a fetish ball booked."

"My dad being infinitely cooler than I'll ever be!"

"My parents gave us the best wedding present ever."

"My friend’s dad went to high school with Tom Hanks."

"Happy birthday to my dad, looking eternally cool with his pony Molly in 1929 rural Iowa... He'd be 100 years old today, and he'd be just as cool."

"Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a llama convention booked."

"My friend had a medieval themed wedding, and her grandpa showed up like this."

"My grandfather (right) with Elvis Presley (left) in post-war Germany in the late 1950s."

"My great-grandmother was valedictorian of Boston University while earning her Ph.D. 12 years before women could legally vote."

"I fell asleep waiting for the monster in the closet." (1970)

"I was a groomsman at my friend's wedding. He got us all custom cufflinks. These were mine."

"I was only 5 years old when I took this photo of my father making dinner he caught for us (1980s). He used to set up the camera and let me shoot anything. He’s the reason I’m a photographer today."

"Edith Steiner, a Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust, and John Mackay, the Scottish soldier that saved her. They were married on July 17, 1946, and celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary this year."

"My friend held a BBQ after his wedding. These 2 from different sides of the new family turned up like this."

"15 years ago, my dad lost his wedding ring and assumed that someone took it. Today he was planting bamboo and found something shiny in the dirt..."

"Anyone curious what happened after that guy ripped his pants at the wedding? I'm his wife."

"My birthday cards from my divorced parents both arrived today."

"My husband made my wedding dress, but I didn't see it until the wedding day!"

"My parents used to tell my only brother and I that we used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath. They even added him to the family albums."

"In 2008, my mom instructed me to 'sober up' and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends. Here's the new one for 2017!"

"So my brother texts me and says, 'Guess what I have done today!' and proceeds to tell me he surprised his wife with 2 alpacas... And yes, they’re riding in his minivan. Meet Rebel and Shenanigan. I can’t make this stuff up, y’all."

"My wife just wanted 5 minutes alone... This was outside her door."

No one will go out without Dad's approval.

"This is my friend and her boyfriend with her dad..."

Maybe you also have some impressive wedding memories or stories from your childhood. Or perhaps you heard some cool stories from your parents. Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

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