29 Heroic Fathers Totally Nailing the Whole Parenting Thing

We're used to thinking that moms are kind and gentle while dads are rough and tough.

We at Bright Side would beg to differ. To support our opinion, we've gathered some photos of dads being just plain awesome.

Dads know how to grow kids.

When babies need warmth, dad is always there to help.

His hugs are the gentlest.

He'll welcome any game...

...however weird it might be.

There are no "too girly" pastimes when you're a dad to a daughter.

Neither are there such dresses.

But dads sure need to add some manliness afterward.

Dad will show his kids the whole world...

...and help them wash off the road dust.

Conquering the waves is fun with dad.

Dad is always ready to share,

to learn how to do a manicure...


...even a pedicure!

Dad may look rough,

but he'll always support his kids.

Dad's bedtime stories are the best.

And he's not against kissing, even for the hundredth time.

He's the force behind his kids.

A good dad knows every Disney princess's name...

...and is ready to become a tower for one of them.

Dad is big and strong.

Maybe he's not even human?

No challenge is impossible with dad.

Dad will tell you how to protect the world...

...and yourself.

It's easy for him to find common ground with a kid of any age...

He'll draw a smile on his kids' faces anytime.

He'll become a mouse for his baby girl if she wants it.

Or he'll turn into the mighty Maui!

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