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30+ Dramatic Photos Proving That Siblings Can Be Pure Evil

Approximately 80% of Americans have at least one sibling, and we actually spend more time with them growing up than we do with our parents. Having a sibling is incredibly awesome! Whether they’re older or younger, the connection we have with them is one of a kind. Our siblings are our best friends and our biggest embarrassments and we are constantly in a tug-of-war with them!

We at Bright Side have gathered some pictures from around the internet that prove why having a sibling is both a blessing and a curse.

1. The notes this brother leaves on the fridge for his sister

2. “My mom said that my sister is sleeping in my room tonight.”

3. “My fiancé and I wrapped all of the contents of his sister’s fridge.”

4. “My nephew taped his little brother to my niece’s skateboard.”

5. “I asked my brother if he could make me food, his response was making me a bowl of ’Struggle Puffs.’ ”

6. “My gift to my brother who loves the Foo Fighters”

7. Look at the amount of peanut butter this brother left for his sister. The effort that went into this is quite impressive.

8. “My brother is a special breed of jerk.”

9. If you give a kid Nintendo, he will give his sister an unplugged controller.

10. “I am about to volunteer my sister for the ice-bucket challenge.”

11. A Christmas present from brother to sister

12. This is a gift from a brother to his single sister on Valentine’s Day.

13. This brother is picking up his sister from the airport.

14. “After my heart surgery, I told my sister that I could use an Apple watch to monitor my heart rate and she delivered.”

15. “Our sister asked us for a blanket this year, so we got her one.”

16. Being the youngest sibling is always painful.

17. This brother giving his sibling a card

18. This brother bringing a pie to his sister

19. “My brother was supposed to give me a ride home from our neighbor’s house.”

20. “I got tired of telling my brother and his friends how to act in my home so I made a sign.”

21. Right before the water-war started

22. “My sister’s housewarming gift”

23. “This is what my brother did to my room while I was away.”

24. “I asked my sister to surprise me on my birthday and she delivered!”

25. “My sister doesn’t like it when I shave and leave my hair in the sink...”

26. “My brother said that he wanted BEATS for his birthday.”

27. A supportive older brother

28. My brother teases our little sister every day with chalkboard drawings.

29. This sister’s creative gift

30. “My brother changed the names on his Netflix account.”

31. “I just graduated from the Police Academy and my sister sent me these.”

32. These are the problems you face when you are the youngest sibling:

33. “My sister’s trolling birthday gift”

34. “My younger brother on Instagram vs when he’s on the phone with his girlfriend”

Do you have any siblings? Tell us what sort of pranks you pull on them and what pranks they pull on you in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your siblings to give them some inspiration for the future.

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