5 Reasons Why Children of Today Can Be Shamelessly Rude

Children are a blessing, but there are times when they can get on your nerves, especially when they act rude or misbehave. Emma Jenner, the star of Take Home Nanny, certainly knows how kids can be, given that she’s made a living out of taking care of them. According to Jenner, it’s not just your imagination — modern children really are less polite than previous generations, and there are 5 reasons why this might be so.

We at Bright Side love helping parents better understand their children, so we’re sharing Jenner’s ideas with you.

1. A lack of proper community

Modern parents try too hard to be independent when it comes to raising their kids and think that other people trying to help are overstepping their boundaries, even if it’s their kids’ grandparents. Older generations, by contrast, knew that a community needed to be involved with a child’s life. This teaches children to have respect for other adults in their life. Otherwise, they grow up thinking that they shouldn’t have any emotional connection to other people in the community.

2. We’re too tolerant.

Often, when children misbehave, we tolerate it because they might be too young to understand their actions. We feel children are naive and innocent through and through, but that’s not giving them enough credit. Children are quick learners, so it’s important that we correct bad behavior soon enough so they realize certain habits are wrong.

3. Parents use too many shortcuts.

Years ago, children were lucky enough to be allowed to listen to the radio on car trips and had to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. Nowadays, kids have tablets, iPods and more, and can enjoy their favorite music, films, and television shows without waiting long at all.

The drawback with such convenience is that with all this entertainment, parents don’t have to interact with their children as much they used to. Children need to develop a human relationship and can’t risk becoming too independent at a young age.

4. Parents feel too emotionally blackmailed.

Modern parents have learned to give their children more credit and value their opinions. While this isn’t a bad thing in itself, it can get too excessive. Children should be indulged in ways that respect the fact that they won’t be children forever. When you give them more privilege, make sure it comes with more responsibility. If they’re involved with extracurricular activities, let them know that some aspects of it, like getting ready, are up to them to do.

5. Kids take too much time out of their parents’ schedules.

Children are supposed to be the center of their parents’ lives, but parents also need time for themselves. Not only is this healthy for the parents, but children also need to understand parents have needs to appease their own moral development. Parents have to make clear that they don’t exist just for their kids and kids will learn that everyone needs to be treated with care and respect.

Do you know any other tips to prevent kids from growing up with a bad attitude? We’d like to see your opinion in the comments.

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