5 Surprising Facts About Women on Maternity Leave

A child in a family changes everything! Staying home to look after children is no less of a job than going out to work in an office, and sometimes it's even harder.

For all future and actual parents, we at Bright Side decided to show how a woman on maternity leave feels and how she spends her days.

Daily routine

The daily routine can be shortly described as maternity leave. Feed, wash, change a diaper, give a back rub, coo, feed, change a diaper, wash clothes (yep, babies drool and spit up a lot!), play with rattle, wash again, feed, walk... In such circumstances, going to the doctor for a routine checkup is already something out of the ordinary.

No schedule

It would seem nothing can be more convenient for a mother and baby than to observe a schedule. And pediatricians say the same. Yet harsh reality makes its own adjustments to all these plans. It's time to sleep? The baby cries and refuses to go to bed. Refuses food. Doesn't want to lie in a stroller during a walk and screams. Mom can only accept and adapt to the changeable mood of her boss baby.

Lack of result from an activity

What can be more pleasant than the feeling when you've been doing something hard and then achieved the desired goal? Alas, a woman on maternity leave can only dream of achievements. No matter how hard she works for the benefit of the family, the result is never visible. She has hardly put things in order when toys are thrown around the room again. Washed all the dirty clothes in the morning? There are plenty of stained things by evening.

Lack of self-confidence

Maternity affects a career, social circle, and body. Often this is temporary, but a woman on maternity leave doesn't know this for sure. Will she be able to return to work? When? Will she manage to get into great shape again? Will she be interesting to her unmarried friends, knowing more about colic and breastfeeding than movies and fashion? Such thoughts are always on her mind and don't add to her self-confidence.

Unconditional love

Fatigue, a boring routine, and self-doubt somehow disappear when the baby smiles for the first time and says "Mom" or "love you." Damn all the difficulties! It's time to have...another maternity leave!

Illustrator Leonid Khan for Bright Side
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