7 Honest Things Every Teen Daughter Needs to Hear From Her Mom

According to research, the bond between a mother and a daughter is the strongest of all. In fact, when it comes to her daughter, a mother is capable of reading between the lines and knowing what’s running through her child’s head. This is why during the teenage years, daughters start seeking independence and pushing their mothers away.

During this stage, it is of utmost importance to be as honest with your child as you possibly can. They might not know it now, but they need your guidance the most during these years.

Bright Side has collected a list of 7 honest things all mothers should tell their daughters during their teen years.

1. “In a few years, I can kick you out of the house.”

Your life is yours and so are your decisions. I will aid you until you are 18, and further, if you decide to study. However, if you want to drop out of school and start working to be independent right away, know that I also have the authority to kick you out of my house. Education is necessary and will help you in your life.

2. “Fairy tales are a lie.”

The teen movies you watch and the romantic novels you read, they are all a lie. At no point in your life you are going to run into Mr. Wonderful randomly on a subway, fall in love, have kids, and live happily ever after. The world out there is cruel and, believe me, nothing is perfect by default, but you can create your own definition of perfect. You will face heartbreaks, your friends will leave you, things will wither and fade away. You need to accept that and learn to move forward against all odds anyway.

3. “I don’t want anything from you.”

I am not asking you to put your career and health first because I want something from you. Bringing you into this world was my decision and you don’t owe me anything for that. You are free to do whatever you want, but keep in my mind all things have consequences. You have to start taking responsibility.

4. “Don’t trust anyone, not even me.”

“Mother knows best” is not always true. I am a different person and our perspectives will not necessarily always collide. Know what you want and be sure of it. Don’t let others influence you in any way. Be aware that you can trust yourself, the little voice in your head, the most.

5. “Your plans will fail 9/10 times.”

Things don’t always turn out as you plan them. In fact, they RARELY ever work out, but don’t let that discourage you from exploring the potential within you. Feel free to experiment. Making mistakes is a part of life and we all make them. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable and that you are worthy.

6. “You can’t please everyone.”

If you try to please everyone around you, there’s only one thing you’ll achieve — disappointment. There’s only so much you can give without receiving anything back. Plus, once you start being nice to everyone, they start taking you for granted. Do your own thing. Leave the “pleasing everyone” part to pizza.

7. “I will always be there for you, but don’t rely on me.”

Regardless of whatever I’m doing or what situation I’m in when you call me for help, my heart starts aching for you. I rush to you, and I always will do everything I possibly can to make things better for you. But, that doesn’t mean that you should start relying on me for everything. Make responsible decisions and when things don’t work out, face the situation. You are brave, you’ve got this!

What advice did you or will you give to your teen daughter? Expand this list and add your remarks in the comments below!

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