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7 Incredibly Odd Ways a Woman’s Body Can Change After Giving Birth


Giving birth to a child is the most precious gift of life and the most exciting event for any parent. Pregnancy and childbirth bring about a whole lot of changes in the life of both parents, but mothers experience the most unexpected changes in their bodies. While some of the postpartum symptoms like stretch marks and hair loss are quite common, there are others that are so mind-blowing, even experienced mothers are taken by surprise.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found rare body changes women go through after childbirth, and some of them are way too extraordinary!

1. You may feel phantom baby kicks.

This is probably one of the strangest postpartum feelings a woman can have. After giving birth, some women can still feel “kicks” which can even convince them they’re pregnant again. There are several theories that attempt to explain this odd phenomenon. One of them suggests that during pregnancy women become too aware of the uterine movements and sensations and as a result, these movements are more easily recognized after giving birth.

2. Your hair texture and color may change.

While losing hair during pregnancy and after delivery is considered common, some women notice their hair’s texture or color changing as well. Once frizzy and curly hair may suddenly become straight and smooth or the other way round. In one of her interviews, Keira Knightley said that she’s also gone through these changes after giving birth. “I have naturally crazy, curly hair and since I’ve had the baby, it’s become 10 times thicker.”

3. Your taste perception and food preferences may alter as well.

You may also notice that the foods you once used to love now seem disgusting, and you can’t even look at them. Changes in food preferences during pregnancy are quite normal, but some women may experience them after having a baby. A change in your sense of taste is called dysgeusia and it’s usually caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Sometimes new mothers can even develop new food allergies or intolerances.

4. Your body odor may change — or is it your sense of smell that’s different?

Some women say their body odor changes after they give birth to their babies. It’s not yet clear, however, whether this is due to the body odor itself or a changed sense of smell. These changes are quite common during pregnancy and are even considered to be one of the earliest signs of it. So it’s quite possible that some women can experience this weird symptom after delivery as well.

5. Your teeth may become more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

Some new mothers notice they have to schedule their dentist appointments more often because of cavities and gum disease. According to experts, there are several major reasons why oral health is affected during and after pregnancy:

  • Acid that comes from morning sickness or acid reflux deteriorates the teeth.
  • The amount of sugar you eat during and after pregnancy increases the risk of cavities.
  • The increase of certain hormone levels enhances the body inflammatory response which causes gum issues.

6. Your hips may become wider.

Many new mothers notice that their hips become much wider after giving birth. It may look rather odd, but it has a physiological explanation. During pregnancy, hormones cause the ligaments holding the pelvic girdle together to soften in order to allow the birth canal to widen during labor and delivery. If you don’t like the way your hips look right after birth, don’t panic — the ligaments will firm up with time.

7. You may notice your feet have gone up a size.

You probably know that many parts of the body swell during pregnancy, including the feet. While the swelling usually disappears after childbirth, your grown feet may not come back to pre-child size. The bones of your feet are not actually growing, but the pregnancy hormone causes the ligaments that hold the bones together relax, and as a result, the bones in your feet spread. The bright side of this is that you can use this as an excuse to buy yourself a new pair of nice and comfortable shoes!

If you’re a mom, please tell us if you’ve ever had any of these symptoms after having a baby. Or perhaps the body changes you experienced were even more extraordinary! Feel free to share your story in the comments!

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