8 Myths About Pregnancy That Turned Out to Be True

Right from the first weeks of pregnancy, the surrounding people start to intimidate the future mother with old wives' tales: don't cut your hair, don't buy new clothes, and don't even dare to think about knitting. Nevertheless, there is sense in some of these superstitions.

Bright Side has prepared for you a set of beliefs about pregnancy that have some scientific proof.

1. If you caress a cat, your baby will have many enemies.

There is one real enemy called toxoplasmosis, the carriers of which are cats. Therefore, it really makes sense to limit your communication with cats in order to avoid intrauterine infection.

2. If you sit on a doorstep, evil spirits will take your baby away.

A pregnant woman definitely should not sit either on a doorstep or in any other draft. The immune system can be weakened, and neither cold nor pain in your waist will provide you with stronger health.

3. If you eat red fruits, the baby will have rosy cheeks.

All red berries and fruits are strong allergens, although the attitude to eating them varies. According to Russian traditional medicine, pregnant women should not eat them, while Western doctors say the opposite.

4. If you watch scary movies, the baby will become ugly.

There is always a special restriction for pregnant women at the beginning of every movie. And that's not without reason. Hormonal changes make a woman very sensitive, and too much stress can lead to blood flow disorder. Therefore, it will be better if you put off the horrors for later.

5. If you sit with your legs crossed, the baby will be clubfooted.

Crossed legs can cause problems for the blood supply and increase the risk of varicose veins. That is why it's better to forget about this position during pregnancy and use safer postures.

6. If you sleep on your back, the baby can choke.

Sleeping on the back, especially in the last stages of pregnancy, can lead to clamping the mother's vena cava. If she regularly sleeps in this position, a pregnant woman can get weakness, lack of oxygen, and dizziness, while the baby can develop hypoxia.

7. If you hang out clothes, the baby can get tangled in the umbilical cord.

The thing is not in hanging out the clothes but in lifting up both arms. If you do it for a short period of time, nothing scary will happen. However, if you do it for a long time, then the tonus of uterus can increase. That can be dangerous for pregnancy.

8. It's prohibited to have a bath because the power of the baby will be washed out.

A hot bath, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, can lead to miscarriage. Although it would still be nice to have a warm bath without any concerns.

Boy or girl?

It is said that if the belly of a pregnant woman looks pointed, she will have a baby boy. If it looks round, she will have a baby girl. Unfortunately, it's only the location of the muscles and organs that influence the shape of a tummy. Hence, this superstition is a myth, just like other ways of finding out the baby's sex. The best way is an ultrasound, although that can sometimes be mistaken as well.

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