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8 Reasons Why Children Become Bullies That Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

Kids who are between 6 and 13 years old admitted that they experience a huge amount of bullying. The large majority of these kids are female. This is a problem that needs attention, but first, we should look at the root cause of why some children become cruel.

We at Bright Side are against bullying and violence. Together with you, we want to try to find the reasons for it, to save our kids from psychological trauma.

1. Problems and misunderstandings at home

It is very dangerous when the environment at home is not healthy. Children who are abused by relatives are more likely to bully than others and to show aggression and violence.

A kid becomes a bully because it gives them a sort of control that they lack at home. Low self-esteem awakens demons that lead to an internal wish to dominate others in cruel ways.

2. Popularity and showing social status

Many of us have watched movies where popular teenagers bully others. It seems that children do it for fun, but it is actually a way of manifesting social status.

Popularity gives you power and also some side effects. It can lead to spreading rumors and gossip. Researchers found that the people at the very center of the social web are much less aggressive than kids who are just outside the center.

3. Sign of weakness

The researchers suspect that kids aren’t aggressive and don’t try to bully others because they don’t need to be. They are comfortable with their position in a group and don’t have fears about losing their status as a leader.

But when kids behave aggressively, it may actually be a sign of weakness. They are insecure about their place in the group and respond by bullying to cover up their weakness.

4. Pressure from other children

We are social creatures and try to fit into a group. It seems better to bully a person like others do, than to be the next target.

Peer pressure can be very strong and kids sometimes don’t feel like they have any other choice than to do the same and bully a weak kid that doesn’t fit into a group.

5. Payback for previous bullying

When children are victims of group bullying, they may have a tendency to bully kids in another area of their lives as a payback. Some teens and children who have been victims of bullying seek revenge. These kids often feel justified in their actions and even relieved when they can humiliate someone.

Often a victim for these kids can be someone weaker, so it becomes a kind of vicious circle.

6. Lack of empathy

Some kids may even enjoy bullying and making offensive jokes because they lack empathy. They simply don’t understand how it hurts. That is why it is important to take care of emotional development in our children.

Feeling what others are feeling can help you to build better relationships as an adult.

7. Lack of attention

Children need love and attention from adults. They need to feel cared for. When a kid becomes “invisible” it may lead to the development of aggression, including bullying others.

It becomes a game where a kid tries to get attention and approval from their parents, but they actually don’t know exactly know how to do it in the right way. A forgotten child becomes a bully and, to a certain extent, it makes them more visible.

8. Stereotypes and prejudices

Bullying based on stereotypes and prejudices can happen anywhere. Children may encounter it at school, on the internet, or in a cafe and it arises from a belief that certain groups of people deserve to be treated differently.

Everyone wants to feel special and when one kid thinks that they are better than another one because of their social status or for other reasons, it creates a certain type of behavior that can include bullying.

Have you ever been bullied by someone when you were a kid? What do you think parents should do if they see that their kid is a bully? Please, write your stories below and share your experience!

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina, Natalia Okuneva-Rarakina for Bright Side