How to Find Your Most Fertile Days and 5 Signs You Have a Problem With Ovulation

The time of your fertile window can be very unpredictable when looking at your cycle. About 30% of women have it between 10th and 17th day. Some women reach this period much later and others much earlier. Aside from this, you can also ovulate more than once during a cycle.

We at Bright Side got curious about how to figure out ovulation, if the fertility window is so unpredictable, and also found some signs that indicate you might have a problem with it and need to see a doctor.

1. Ovulation pain

Maybe you notice some pain sometimes in your lower abdominal area that might occur randomly. Pay attention or make a note when it happens. When it comes in the middle of your cycle, it may be ovulation pain.

Some women have it every month and this pain can happen just before you ovulate. It’s an indication that you are at the beginning of your fertile window.

Also, it’s important to note that this is a temporary pain and that it shouldn’t disturb you much.

2. Increased body basal temperature

Basal temperature is your lowest body temperature during rest. Of course, you can’t measure it while you’re sleeping, but it is possible to measure it right away after waking up in the morning.

During ovulation, it increases at least 0.2°C. For example, if your normal temperature is between 36.2°C (97°F) and 36.5°C (97.5°F), your temperature could go up to between 36.4°C and 36.7°C. You can detect this subtle change with a special thermometer.

3. Ovulation predictor kits

Nowadays ovulation predictor kits are available in pharmacies and you can purchase them without even going to the doctor. The tests detect specific elements in your urine. Ovulation can happen the next couple of days after you get a dark line as a result.

Please follow the instructions when using ovulation tests so you don’t get the wrong results.

4. Cervical mucus starts to change

Cervical mucus is mostly made up of water, but the consistency changes during your fertile window because of your estrogen levels.

If you are in your fertile window, it increases in volume and becomes more clear in color and thinner.

5. Changes in saliva

This is not a traditional way of predicting ovulation, but the pattern of your saliva may look like frost on a window when you spit. Eating, drinking, and even smoking can mask these effects. There are also specialized microscopes that you can buy to detect any changes in your saliva.

6. Breast tenderness

Your body starts to produce hormones because of ovulation, so you may feel breast tenderness at this time. Your nipples may feel sore around your fertility window and this tenderness may be minor or severe.

7. Desire for intimacy

During these days, your desire to be with a partner can grow and this is triggered by nature. In cases where you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed, this symptom may not be noticeable.

Signs that you have problems with fertility

There are some symptoms that can signal that you may be having some difficulties with ovulation and you may need to see a doctor. They are:

1. Irregular periods

2. Severe abdominal pain every month or very often

3. Very short or very long cycles

4. No changes in basal temperature

5. Excessive bleeding (this can happen if you have endometriosis)

We wish you lots of health and a happy family!

Have you ever noticed these symptoms? If you have pain during your fertile window, how do you manage it? Please, leave your comments below and share this article with your friends!

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