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“I’ve Been Babysitting for a Day and Now I Feel All the Mom Struggles.” This Is Something Every Dad Needs to Go Through

Modern mothers get stressed more than their partners — as research has suggested. This can lead to a high level of anxiety and depression. However, to understand how women feel, men need to try to spend a day in their shoes. And this is not just about cooking and cleaning.

We at Bright Side have found some dads who share their thoughts and emotions about being a real parent and about their wives struggles.

You need to know that moms get exhausted in an extreme way.

One mother of 2 children shared on Facebook some great words of appreciation that her husband wrote to her. One happy evening, he saw at 7 p.m. that everyone was sleeping already and he started to think about how he could relax that night. Then he suddenly realized that his wife hadn’t slept well for 3 days. She was absolutely exhausted and sick because she put the “family before her own health and hasn’t complained once.”

Instead of taking some me-time, he chose to help his wife and clean the house. The man confessed that no one gets tired as much as moms do. Lots of other users supported this post on Facebook and wished that each woman had such a nice husband, who could help to ease the “unexpected mental burden of motherhood.”

You need to know that you may feel like you are the worst parent in the world sometimes.

A Reddit user who had the “pleasure” of being a father and babysitting, shared his experience. This guy says that one day you will be exhausted and your baby will be crying, but nothing and no one will be there to help you to stop it. At this moment, you may feel that you are a bad father. This thought is normal and will go away soon because everyone has the right to a moment of weakness.

Your baby is just an infant, is trying to learn about the world, and may be scared: “If you need a break and can’t handle it, make sure the baby is completely safe, step out for a minute, and breathe. You have to take care of yourself to better take care of them.

You need to know important things when you become a dad.

Dads of Reddit give different advice on how to survive and be a better father. Some of them are very interesting:

  • “Don’t worry if the kid doesn’t respond to you for the first few weeks or months. It usually takes longer than bonding with the mom. It will happen I promise.”
  • “Enjoy those late nights somehow, because soon you will wish they would call for you and that you could come to the rescue.”
  • “Figure out something that you and only you can do to help out. Mine was bath time. Also, I always did morning bottle feeds. I liked being the first thing she sees in the morning.”
  • “Take lots of videos and pictures. You can never have too many and you can never get them back if you don’t.”
  • Ask questions, who cares if you feel dumb for asking.

You need to help your wife with the baby and the house to make her life a little easier.

Many husbands on social networks have written that you need to be a real team and not just think about yourself, but also about your wife. She can feel broken, weak, and frustrated after long nights of not sleeping and baby-feeding. She needs sleep just as much as you do: “My wife struggled staying awake to feed, so it was helpful for me to stay up, watch TV, and talk to help keep her from falling asleep with the baby in her arms.

It is important to give moms regular breaks by taking the baby for a walk or shopping. Plus, the dads of Reddit also mentioned that if you are a working father, you need to remember that you have 8 hours of rest from the crying and all the mess. She doesn’t.

What difficulties do you have the most while babysitting? What doubts or adviсe do you have as a parent? Please write your thoughts below!