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Now We Have No Doubt That a Hilarious Sense of Humor Can Be Inherited

Each family has their own inside jokes. The great secret to a successful family dynamic doesn’t lie in compromise and mutual understanding, it lies in having a good sense of humor. In families like this there will always be hilarious anecdotes that are still funny years later.

Bright Side gathered 25 families that never miss a chance to make fun of each other.

Mama always knows best

When you forgot that your husband is following your account.

"My girlfriend keeps putting this ad in my wallet and I keep falling for it."

The evolution process in a particular family

"My parents' divorce became official today so they had a divorce party."

It's a short story about the importance of the communication within a family.

A short and solid way to a man's heart

"How dumb do my parents think I️ am?"

When you're not the only child, you have to develop your conspiracy skills from childhood.

"My kid is grounded so she had to help power wash the deck. I came back to this. Grounding extended."

"My mom asked me to take a photo of this gown to sell it on eBay."

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I got this message from my mom.

"Turned 40 today. My kids greeted me with this tragedy on my front porch."

Some families' rules are even more strict than in Sparta.

"My family communicates with me by sending me messages attached to my dog."

"My little brother is a real troll!"

"When I said I was going to drop out and become a stripper I didn't mean it literally, mom."

Kids are joke masters.

"Grandpa bought her a teddy bear."

A relationship with a comedian requires a lot of patience.

"Go to college," they said. You'll get away from your parents," they said.

This guy got tired of waiting for his girlfriend and got alcohol delivered right to the store.

Everyone should be ready for adult life.

My mom's manner of communicating is weird. But it's effective. Here's an example:

Do the people in your family express love via humor? Share your stories and family pranks in the comments.

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