Seven great ways to help your baby cope with the heat

Hot summer days are wonderful, but for parents of small kids they are troublesome as well, because they need to make their babies comfortable in the heat.

We at Bright Side would like to help parents and offer pediatricians' advice on how to help your kids cope with high temperatures outside.

Choose an air conditioning system

Air conditioning is better for your baby's room than a cooling fan. Just make sure you monitor the main values, which are temperature and humidity.

Maintain the conditions

The optimal temperature is 72°F (22°C), while humidity should be no less than 40%. A thermometer and hygrometer will show you these values, and air conditioning along with a humidifier or frequent wet cleaning will help you adjust them.

Exercise moderation

It's best to decrease the temperature gradually. If it's 86°F (30°C) in the room and you need to lower it to 75°F (24°C), first make it 82.5°F (28°C). After half an hour, make it 79°F (26°C), and only then go to 75°F.

Air the room often

You should allow a breeze into the room from time to time, as air conditioning and cooling fans make the air dry.

Don't be overzealous

The air from the air conditioning should not be directed at the baby or the baby's crib.

Bathe a lot

A cool bath or shower is good when taken once every 1-2 hours for a couple of minutes. Don't dry your baby completely with a towel, because the water evaporating from the skin is a great way to activate heat output.

Don't forget to drink a lot

Your baby needs to drink a lot. Kids who are less than one year old should drink still mineral water with a neutral taste, while those who are older may have slightly salty or even sparkling water. Possible options are stewed fresh or frozen fruit and berries, which contain lots of potassium, or herbal tea. Your baby will decide for themselves how much to drink, so it's an important rule not to force them to drink, but to offer drinks to him or her.

And the most crucial thing is to remember that if the parents are hot, then their baby is very hot. Air conditioning is not evil, and if you follow simple rules, it's perfectly safe for your baby.

Based on materials from site of Dr. Komarovsky
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