Ten things that every parent does but will never admit to

Being a mom or a dad is a science unto itself, one which often throws up all kinds of complicated tasks which have no easy solution. In trying to cope with them, parents often use cunning little tricks, make mistakes, or otherwise find themselves in amusing situations.

With all this in mind, we at Bright Side decided to illustrate some of the most common things that every parent does, but will never admit to. Can you see yourself in any of these?

Every parent occasionally gets very distracted by something.

They might think up a little plan to keep their child busy, but it doesn't always work out.

They realize their own dream of doing battle with a lightsaber.

Sometimes they'll quietly get rid of a loud toy that they can't stand any longer.

Sometimes they have to intervene in their child's school life when it's a really important issue...

Of course, they can easily fall asleep when playing, even though they know the consequences.

It's not always easy to resist the power of a child's whims.

And who hasn't tried to tell a really short version of a bedtime story in order to put their kid to bed more quickly?

A fantastical story to justify not going to the toy shop is one of the best tricks.

And sometimes they have no choice but to do their kid's homework for them.

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina exclusively for Bright Side

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