These Kids Didn’t Like Their Parents’ Pranks...But the Internet Thought They Were Hilarious

We once thought that our parents and the internet were incompatible. But our moms and dads have managed to create accounts on different social networks, even learning how to troll.

Bright Side gathered 18 proofs of why kids should beware of parents online. Don't underestimate their sense of humor!

18. A new trolling level

17. These parents took away their daughter's cell phone because of her bad behavior. They decided it wasn't enough, so they gave her this sheet.

16. A new platform for Mom's revelations

15. You can't hide from puns. Even if you chat with your mom.

14. When your mom has Instagram and looks through your stories:

13. Revenge is a dish best served in a box.

12. "My sister posted a photo on Facebook. Our dad did the same."

11. When all your family members are trolls:

10. Father remembers everything.

9. When parents correct you all the time:

8. This father knows how to motivate his daughter if she gets bad grades.

7. She has no time for all this sweet stuff.

6. Since you shouldn't drink soda...

5. When your mom can't decide whether you deserve a dessert or not:

4. They look like they know something.

3. Give birth, troll, dominate.

2. When the word "ingenious" gains a new meaning:

1. A bitter truth on Facebook is always better than a sweet lie in real life.

Can you remember any moments when you were pranked by your parents? We bet you felt proud of them! Are we right? Share in the comments!

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