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Things About Being a Parent We Only Understand Once We Become One

Becoming a parent to a little creature comes with the understanding that your care will be their main source of living. Your life inevitably changes and you use all your energy to raise your baby in the best way possible. And this focused care works! In a study, it was proven that talking to infants from birth affects their brainpower and sets them up for success at school.

We at Bright Side are truly in love with the idea of parenting and decided to share some touching moments with you.

1. You start feeling overwhelming love for your child.

Almost all parents continue to say that the only way to understand this feeling is to experience it. At the same time, you should not expect it to overwhelm you at the first sight of your child. Even though there are some studies that prove a hormone called oxytocin improves the mother-child bond, you could be too exhausted to feel it fully from the very beginning.

In actuality, it will gradually take over you with every passing day, becoming something compared to a hurricane: all-consuming and thunderous! As Mike Myers puts it, having a kid is like falling in love for the first time when you’re 12, but every single day.

2. You forget what a good night of sleep is.

As the study says, new parents face up to 6 years of sleep deprivation. This sounds a bit scary, however, looking into the eyes of that little miracle that wants your care and attention will make all your troubles go away and help you make the most of parenting.

3. You realize the necessity of breastfeeding in public.

There’s been contentious debate over breastfeeding in public — in some countries this right is protected by law while in others, women are still shamed while doing so. But when you become a parent, this act will seem so natural and beautiful, that all opinions will become absolutely unimportant: you simply will feed your baby wherever and whenever they want you too.

4. You start having a bad feeling because of a few minutes of silence.

This may sound very familiar, especially for parents of 2 or more children. Kids are very creative and anything within their reach can get destroyed — and it usually happens without any sound. So you should always be on alert for moments that are “too quiet.”

5. You start feeling “mom guilt” all the time.

“Am I a good mother?” or “Am I doing everything right?” are questions that will likely follow you around all the time, making you feel guilty. There’s no way to escape it, and countless mom blogs and articles may only make it worse. But hey, it’s definitely worth it, just try to control your anxiety.

6. You can’t stop talking about your child all the time.

When you’re single, parents who talk about their children at any occasion can really irritate you. However, having your own child turns the world upside down. Even the most unimportant, tiny thing your child does can mean so much to you, making you want to share that feeling with everyone around you.

7. You struggle constantly to feed them.

Mealtime will likely turn into a real fight between you and your little one. This struggle knows no compromise: your kid will either refuse their food or end up covered in it. The good news is, for kids, playing with food makes eating it more real, as research suggests.

8. You finally start appreciating your own parents.

We’ve all had our ups and downs in our relationships with our parents. But when we become parents ourselves, we start to look at things from a different point of view. Being a parent is no easy feat, but moms and dads do the best they can. There may have been mistakes made along the way, but never forget to appreciate your parents.

9. You deal with someone else’s pee and poop without being disgusted.

This sounds rather unrealistic when you first hear it, however, you’ll be really surprised at how quickly you get used to it. Even a little pee on your favorite blouse won’t make you angry. Because just look at this innocent creature — could the thing get any cuter?

10. You buy brand new things for your kids instead of clothes you need for yourself.

Even before your child’s birth, you’ll start to feel this. Imagine going out shopping for yourself but ending up buying nothing but tiny, adorable clothes for your baby. Well, this is going to happen all the time, and you won’t feel an ounce of regret!

How did your life change after becoming a parent? Share your emotions with us in the comment section!

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