10 Beach Anti-Trends You Can Say “Bye-Bye” to Immediately

It’s the middle of summer which means it’s time to take that bikini out of the depths of your wardrobe and head to the beach. However, you have to remember that beach fashion changes just like any other fashion.

Bright Side put together some anti-trends of beach fashion so that you can look gorgeous by the sea.

Triangl swimsuits

These neoprene swimsuits by Triangl with their black outline and recognizable “T” have been very popular for a few seasons now. A lot of brands have unsuccessfully copied this design. Frankly, there are just too many of these bathing suits on the beach these days.

Despite popular belief, Triangl doesn’t produce these types of swimsuits any longer, but its copies can still be bought everywhere. Instead of Triangl bathing suits, velvet swimsuits are extremely trendy today.


Pareos are going out of fashion despite the fact that they’re a very convenient beach coverup that can hide a body’s imperfections.

To replace it, designers recommend wearing light cotton dresses, sundresses, shirts or lacy tunics.

Swimsuits with a bandage effect

Swimsuits with a bandage effect containing different cuts, belts, and straps underline a figure’s imperfections and create ugly tan lines.

One-piece swimsuits with flower or polka-dot prints are becoming really trendy and will soon replace the bandage-style.

Bright swimsuits of neon colors

Extremely bright colored swimsuits were trendy a few seasons ago. Now, fashion calls for more natural colors. So let’s ditch the bright, shiny swimsuits and put them all the way to the back of our wardrobes.

Choose swimsuits with flower prints or single-color swimsuits. They look wonderful on tanned skin.

High waisted ruffled bottoms

High waist bottoms disguise hips and belly imperfections while the ruffling has an opposite effect. It actually makes hips look bigger.

What should you do instead? Buy high waisted bottoms without any ruffling or other decorative elements.

Jean shorts

The time of extremely short denim shorts has ended. Half naked buttocks are not trendy any longer. These types of shorts only looked good on some people, but usually made a beautiful body look awkward.

If you can’t imagine your summer look without shorts, choose styles that are mid-thigh length in safari style.

Cork platform sandals

We’re talking about cork platform sandals only. These kinds of sandals are out of fashion and they look ridiculous on the beach.

It’s better to choose flat shoes for the beach. For city walking, choose platform sandals decorated with leather, suede, fabric or jute.

Bright pom-pom sandals

Funny sandals with bright pom-poms were liked by everyone from ordinary girls to celebrities. Their peak of popularity was reached last year, but today everyone has gotten tired of them.

Put them aside for a couple of years — it’s possible that they’ll become trendy again one day. As an alternative, choose shoes with a flat sole or low platform sandals that are metallic in color.

Trilby straw hats

Trilby hats have been popular for a few seasons. Now in 2018, they look old-fashioned and untrendy.

To replace trilby hats, designers recommend wearing wide-brimmed hats. They can be made of different materials like straw, fabric or band.

Mirrored glasses in square frames

Sunglasses with square frames have been continuously going out of fashion. They were at their peak of popularity a few seasons ago but unfortunately, too many people began to wear them, making the glasses become untrendy.

Elongated frames a la cat eye with colored glasses or no frames at all are on trend now. Summer is the best time for experimenting with fashion like this!

Which beach anti-trends do you know of? Tell us in the comments below.

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