10 Creative Makeup Hacks We Learned on Instagram

The development of social media not only announced a new age of information but enriched our life with knowledge from all around the world. All new tricks are old tricks that have been forgotten, but now there is Instagram, through which we can all enjoy them.

We at Bright Side decided to share with you some of the Instagram tricks that took the world by storm.

Lip art

Since anything can be a canvas, several Instagram artists have shown us how they turn their lips into masterpieces.

Color correction

Before there were color-correcting palettes, there was this old trick: use red or pink lipstick under a concealer to "delete" dark circles under the eyes. This is based on simple rules of color mixing. If you want to try more correcting techniques, remember:

  • Orange to red color – corrects circles under the eyes
  • Green – corrects redness
  • Purple – corrects hyperpigmentation

Charcoal magic

From black masks to black toothpaste! We would never have been aware of charcoal's "magic" properties if not for Instagram. Among other properties, activated charcoal is helpful for:

  • Getting rid of toxins
  • Relieving bites and bee stings
  • Reducing acne
  • Whitening teeth
  • Helping with digestion problems

Flawless foundation ice bath

This Korean trick went viral after being seen on Instagram. Basically, to have a flawless foundation, you should put on your foundation, concealer, and powder. Then dunk your face into a bowl full of ice and cold water. Now you can apply your makeup. It is believed that this technique will make your makeup stick and look matte.

Divided masks

Using different masks to solve different skin problems is not a new idea. But with the development of knowledge about skin and how it can change with time and makeup usage, Instagram started a trend of combining masks for different purposes in one treatment. A little bit later, several cosmetic companies made it marketable.

Face roller

Could you imagine putting a roller full of spikes on your face on a daily basis? And what if Instagram told you that it would help with circulation and help reduce redness and acne problems? Right. As weird as it sounds, our ancestors had a similar approach, and now Instagram has brought this trick back to life.

Fork contour

Instagram makeup tricks are all about easy/cheap/timesaving tips. So when it comes to the techniques of contouring, anything goes. For example, nose contouring can be absolutely flawless when you use a simple fork – darker shades on the sides, highlighter in the middle.

Brows on fleek

Boy, are we in the age of brows now! Brooke Shields never had brows like the Instagram models of today.


Before Instagram, false lashes were primarily a thing of celebrities and show divas. Yet now it seems to be a must in every cool girl's (and boy's) makeup routine. There is also a very intricate way of putting them on to appear seamless.

Toothpaste fix

Instagram is also known for using unconventional products to solve skin problems. How would you ever have figured out that toothpaste could be used as a soothing overnight mask for pimples and that a toothbrush is a great scrubbing tool?

What other resourceful tricks and hacks did you learn from Instagram? Be sure to share with us and our other readers!

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