10+ Effective Methods to Fight a Double Chin That Are Worth Trying

10+ Effective Methods to Fight a Double Chin That Are Worth Trying

A double chin is a skin-fat fold that appears in the area of the lower jaw. This issue gives the face an unhealthy look of puffiness, heaviness, and a visual deformation of the facial proportions.

The good news is that the issue is solvable — a massage, physical exercises, and home and salon procedures can help get rid of this flaw.

Even young and slim girls can get a double chin. That’s why Bright Side decided to find out why it happens and how to fight this imperfection. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will help hide a double chin.

Why does this stubborn double chin appear?

  • Age

Women aged 45+ are in the risk zone. At this age, the skin loses its elasticity significantly resulting in a deformation of the face’s oval. This process is called gravitational ptosis.

  • A drastic change in weight

A drastic gain of the body’s weight, as well as a sharp weight loss, can lead to formations of skin folds.

  • Unbalanced nutrition
  • Heredity

If you inherited a jaw structure from your parents where the angle between the neckline and the chin is small, then it’s likely that you’ll encounter the issue of a double chin.

  • Everyday bad habits

The most common one is the habit of slouching and holding the head down for a long time (for example, when using a smartphone).

  • Sleep disorders

Not only do high and soft pillows cause bad sleep but they are also the reason for the appearance of the double chin.

  • Pregnancy

How to get rid of a double chin?

1. With the help of physical exercises

One of the simplest but most effective methods of getting rid of the double chin is to do exercises. All because not only do these exercises affect the skin but also the facial muscles. The first results will be visible after one week of practicing. The most important thing is to do them consistently.

  • Find a thick book in a thick cover. Place it on your head. Walk in this position for 10 minutes every day. Over time, you can swap the book for a heavier one.
  • Imagine that there is a heavy load hanging from your lower jaw. Try to hold it by straining your facial muscles. Your head should be bent backward. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Try to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue, after this, try to touch your lower jaw with your tongue. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Open your mouth widely, paint an imaginary ’8′ at maximum amplitude with your tongue. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Put your elbows on the table, lean your chin on your fists. Try to bend your head to the front, creating resistance with your arms at the same time.
  • Tighten facial muscles and clearly pronounce the following vowel sounds several times:

    [ ʌ ] like the “u’ in the word “sun”

    [ ɒ ] like the “o” in the word “pot”

    [ i: ] like the “ee” in the word “see”

    [ e ] like the “e” in the word “bed”

2. With the help of a self-massage

A self-massage is an effective way to get rid of a double chin. It improves blood circulation, tones facial muscles, and helps remove harmful substances from the skin.

Wash your hands with soap and carefully dry them. Apply a cream, gel, or oil on the lower part of your face to aid with the massage. Slightly slide your hands along the lower jaw in the direction from the lobes to the chin without applying too much pressure. After this, repeat the same movement in the opposite direction. Each time you do it — increase both the speed and the pressure.

Replace sliding movements with patting, and then with tweaking movements. Finish the massage with a slow and gentle caressing.

You can also use natural honey for this procedure if you’re not allergic to it.

3. With the help of salon procedures

  • Myostimulation is one of the most effective methods for fighting a double chin. It helps get the result without exercise, diet, or massage. The effect is provided by electric impulses which eliminates excess liquid in problem areas.
  • Radio wave lifting allows a person to get rid of a double chin in a short time thanks to radio waves of a special sound and frequency. The procedure helps improve blood circulation, quicken cell regeneration, and decrease the volume of fatty tissue.
  • Laser lipolysis is another effective method that helps get rid of a double chin. The effect is achieved thanks to the action of low-intensity laser radiation. Fat cells get split and removed from the body without surgery.
  • Mini-liposuction is a serious method for fighting a double chin because fatty tissues and sagging skin are removed surgically.

4. With the help of home procedures

  • Black clay

It is one of the simplest but most effective masks. Mix 3 tbsp of clay with lukewarm water and apply to the area of the double chin 1-2 times a week. If you have dry skin, add several drops of any essential oil.

  • Wearing a bandage

Many internet users give good reviews about using a bandage and a cervical collar for fighting a double chin. These devices tone muscles, eliminate muscle tension, smooth the surface of the skin, and improve the condition of muscle fibers.

Bonus: Conceal a double chin in several seconds!

1. Choose the right clothes

A moderate neckline distracts attention from the problematic area of the double chin.

2. Refresh your hairdo

Opt for voluminous hairdos that open the neck. Avoid hair strands near the chin. A hairdo with curls at the chin will turn a double chin into a triple chin.

3. Open new horizons in makeup.

Sculpting helps hide even the most visible double chin effectively. Focus on cheekbones, cheeks, and eyes. Distract the attention from the chin with the help of bright lipstick or lip gloss. Apply some sculpting powder to the lower jaw.

Which of these methods do you find the most effective? Why? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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