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10 Everyday Actions That Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Older

The secret of health and youth is known to everyone: proper nutrition and sports have always been the right choice. As a rule, the result is always visible. However, the condition of your skin doesn't only reveal healthy or unhealthy lifestyles. It also tells us about small details that have become our habits and which seemed to be harmless at the beginning.

Bright Side recommends that you pay attention to 10 things that might look harmless at first glance. However, in reality, they affect your skin condition negatively.

10. Sleeping position

When you sleep on your tummy, your head is turned to the side. It leads to tension in your neck and shoulder muscles as well as the deterioration of the blood supply to your brain. Dark circles under your eyes and swelling of your face are other unpleasant consequences of such a position. Try to sleep on your back or on your side, but not all the time. The same position can change the shape of your face.

Another helpful habit for your skin is choosing the right pillow. If you sleep on a very high pillow, it disrupts blood flow and provides extra wrinkles on your neck. Choose a pillow so that your neck is straight during sleep and your chin doesn't rest against your chest.

9. Not using sunglasses

The right sun protection is the secret of healthy skin. Moreover, the skin around your eyes is very thin, and that is why it easily gets wrinkles when you squint in bright light. So make it a rule to always wear sunglasses during sunny days, even in winter.

8. Eating

If you always chew on one side, it can lead to asymmetry of your face because your muscles on one side weaken while the other side's muscles are always toned.

7. Talking on the phone

By holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, you cause neck wrinkles and "sinking" of your cheek. If you often speak on the phone, choose headsets or speakerphones.

6. Using a tablet or a smartphone

We usually hold a tablet or a smartphone with our head looking down, and this can cause eye edemas and a "turtleneck": flabby skin and wrinkles. Try not to keep your head down all the time when you are having a chat or scrolling the newsfeed on your phone/tablet.

5. Leaning your chin on your hand

When sitting in front of the computer or when reading, if you have the habit of leaning your chin on your hand, try to do it less often. Your facial skin becomes less elastic in such a position, and it starts to sag with premature wrinkles appearing.

4. Frowning

Sadness brings facial expressions that are harmful to your skin: frowning brows, pursed lips, and tensed face muscles. Every time you realize that you are frowning, try to imagine moving your ears backward without touching them. It might sound ridiculous but it helps because it's impossible to be frowning and pulling your ears back at the same time.

3. Long hot shower

Although a hot shower relaxes you nicely, if you take them too often they can affect your skin. That is because the upper layer gets destroyed, which, in turn, leads to skin dryness and exfoliation. That's why you should try not to overdo the hot water when taking a shower.

2. Using the AC

Air conditioners take humidity out of the air, making it dry. As a result, skin becomes drier, hence a subject of damage. That's why you shouldn't forget to moisturize it well, and don't rely on AC all the time.

1. Your pillowcase

Cotton bedclothes are a standard option. However, a pillowcase in this fabric can harm your facial skin and bring you unwanted wrinkles. The chances are higher if you sleep on your side and if you are always moving while sleeping. By doing this, you rub your face against the pillowcase. Instead, try to use silk or satin pillowcases because they cause less friction. Also, don't forget to change your pillowcases frequently to avoid dead skin particles and bacteria gathering. That will prevent you from getting irritations.

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