10 Fashion Trends That We Are All Tired of Seeing Around

Fashion trends can be a weird thing. While some of them become a dignified classic, others die out almost unnoticed. However, there's one universal fashion trend – the one we're all tired of seeing. Every fashionista knows that there will come a moment when it's just time to say goodbye to last season's stylish clothing.

Bright Side gathered 10 popular fashion trends that have become more annoying rather than stylish.

Jeans + fishnet stockings

A jeans-and-fishnet-stockings craze flooded the fashion world recently. Many people became fed up with this fashion style and it became an anti-trend.

What to wear instead:

Plain denim without holes and tears is what's trendy now. Take a closer look at straight jeans with uneven or raw-cut edges.

Waist bags

A waist bag is a tricky trend that received mixed feedback. Some people consider waist bags to be very stylish while others think that such bags belong to anyone selling something at a flea market. Waist bags are still trending in 2018, but the market got a bit crowded with them.

What to wear instead:

A plain shoulder bag is enough. You can also pay attention to the 2018 must-have trend – circle bags.

Naked dresses

Almost every celebrity and "it-girl" was spotted wearing what became known as a naked dress. Although naked dresses were a new type of fashion trend a couple of years ago, you can't surprise anyone with such a fashion choice now. Besides, such dresses can look quite vulgar and not elegant at all.

What to wear instead:

If you want to accentuate parts of your body, try wearing a sheath dress, a mermaid dress, or an unusual asymmetric dress.

PJ style

Don't confuse PJ style with lingerie style. PJs have conquered red carpets, runways, and almost every big-city street. However, the PJ fashion trend is about to end and it's time for such clothes to return to the bedroom and stay there forever.

What to wear instead:

A light oversized suit. It can be either plaid or striped or whichever color you like most. Complement your look with a silk or floaty chiffon shirt.


Fringe can be found everywhere: on vests, bags, sweaters, and shoes. Fringe on every piece of clothing is too much for one look. Why would you want to be like everyone else when you can be unique?

What to wear instead:

If you can't help but take your favorite bag with fringe everywhere, take a look at woven bags. As for the clothes, try to wear things with flounces and ruche instead.

Tassel earrings

This is another ambiguous fashion trend. Some people think of them as curtain tassels while others believe tassel earrings make one look more elegant and feminine.

What to wear instead:

Try to wear long earrings of whimsical shapes and sizes.

Lace-up tops and dresses

Almost everyone has a Kim Kardashian-style lace-up top: from famous designers to mass market brands. You could see them everywhere from Paris to New York City in spite of the fact that not every girl can rock this style.

What to wear instead:

Wear a plain white top. You can see them in every fashion show today.

Aviator sunglasses

Such Aviator sunglasses were designed by Ray-Ban in 1937. However, they reached the top of eyewear fashion only 4 years ago when every fashion girl saw it as her duty to own at least one pair of such sunglasses.

What to wear instead:

Sunglasses with razor edges are extremely popular today. You can also choose any other shape that you like since sunglasses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Embroidered jeans and jackets

Last year, designers applied embroidery to almost everything: jackets, jeans, shirts, hats, and shoes. Perhaps, it's time to stop. If you really love embroidered jeans, save them for trips out to the country or campfire gatherings.

What to wear instead:

Pay attention to plain jeans or ornate embellished denim. It's very important to be moderate about it.

Wide brim hats

Another thing that many women wanted to own was a hat with wide, wavy brims. Not everyone can pull off such a look, but who cares – everyone just bought those hats anyway.

What to wear instead:

A captain's cap, a beret, or a narrow brim hat.

Is there a fashion trend that irritates you the most? Which clothes are you always happy to wear? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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