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10 Habits That Can Help You Look Fantastic Without Makeup

The art of applying makeup on a daily basis can be really fun and fulfilling, but it can sometimes get pretty tiresome and time consuming. A more natural look can be a great option in these instances and we can still present our faces beautifully and authentically.

Today at Bright Side, we would like to share some essential habits that can make you look great without any makeup and embrace your natural features.

1. Use silk pillow cases for your sleep time.

You can even improve your appearance while you sleep. Try to cover your pillow with a silk pillowcase. This puts less friction on your skin and hair, which prevents damage and irritation. It also helps keep skin and hair clean and prevents too much drying. By contrast, cotton can absorb your natural oils. This trick is especially helpful when dealing with acne.

2. Use salicylic acid.

Dead cells can clog your pores, causing congestion, redness and blemishes. Salicylic acid can both exfoliate inside the pore and promotes cell turnover, leaving you with clean skin and a firm complexion. The idea of using acid on your skin might sound scary, but you just need to use it moderately. When used properly, it can actually be less irritating than benzoyl peroxide. Find products that contain a low concentration of salicylic acid (around 0.5% to 2% if used on the face), like serums, toners or face masks.

3. Give your face a massage.

You can also help your skin’s appearance by giving it a real workout: a massage...and you don’t even need to go to a spa. If you want to increase skin’s firmness, apply deep, stimulating motions to your face. Use a light touch for sensitive skin. In the end, a good massage can help remove toxins and excess waste. Just remember to avoid the skin around the eyes, as it’s too gentle for pressure.

4. Shape your eyebrows

There are different ways of styling your eyebrows and you can experiment with different looks until you find the style that suits you best. And here’s the best part: you don’t really need tweezers. If anything, they cause you to over-pluck your eyebrows. Not only can you create a good shape just using some pencils or powders, in the event that you need to trim your brows, it’s nearly always just as effective to use scissors.

5. Apply castor oil to your eyelashes.

Studies show that castor oil can help bring out the “luster” or hair, so it’s especially helpful when trying to get your eyelashes to look their best. Despite popular belief, the oil doesn’t cause your lashes to grow faster, but merely appear thicker and glossier.

6. Use serums for a nutrient boost.

Before you add anything on top of it, work with the skin you got! To keep skin healthy, you can apply a skin serum that could fight wrinkles, dark spots or dullness. And it usually only takes a few drops. Remember, no two serums are the same, and what they can do for you depends on the active ingredients, so shop around to find what you need.

For an extra boost, a daily face mask can also help give your skin a nutrient treatment with very little effort, some lasting just a minute.

7. Drink lemon water.

There’s more than one way to keep skin healthy and beautiful. Studies show that older women can brighten their skin, as well as reduce dark circles, spots and redness, by taking vitamin C. For an easy fix to get your daily vitamin C, wake up with a hot cup of water with fresh lemon.

8. Use sunscreen (even when it’s cold outside.)

You already know that sunscreen saves you from painful sunburns, not to mention red, blistering skin, but it does a lot more. It prevents visible signs of premature aging, keeps your complexion even, and feeds your skin essential proteins like keratin, which keeps it smooth and healthy in appearance. It can even reduce the risk of skin cancer. And remember, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that there are no harmful UV fact, the Earth is closest to the sun in winter and snow can actually double the impact of UV rays.

9. Get your blood circulating.

Good blood circulation also helps you keep your skin young and healthy. Many little things can get the blood pumping the way you need it: doing handstands, getting aerobic exercises, facial treatments, staying hydrated and even lukewarm showers can help do the trick.

10. Put effort into your style.

Remember, when it comes to looking your best, everyone has their own style. Sometimes, all it takes is the way you carry yourself to make the statement you want to make. The important thing is finding what suits you best and putting effort into keeping these patterns going.

What are some ways you help to improve your appearance without makeup? Please share with us in the comments!

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