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10 Hair and Makeup Trends That We Should Leave Behind In 2016

Fashion is an ever-changing and capricious thing, and its nature doesn't change whether we're talking about clothes or makeup.

We at Bright Side have taken it upon ourselves to inform you about which hair and makeup trends are set to lose their status in 2017, as well as what's going to replace them.

Natural eyebrows instead of painted ones

If 2016 was the year when you agonized over whether to opt for the painted eyebrow treatment, then you can now safely forget about it. In 2017, natural and even ever-so-slightly messy eyebrows are set to replace the perfect contoured lines of yesteryear. Thickness, on the other hand, will still be the ideal.

Doll-like eyelashes are in, natural ones are out

2017 is set to be the year of long, puffy, doll-like eyelashes. Remember to stock up on the heavy eyeliner and perhaps some fake lashes for when the situation requires it.

Bright mascara instead of pastel tones

The "nude" makeup that was so popular this year is gradually giving way to something entirely different. Instead of all kinds of pink and peachy shades, next year will see ultra-bright mascara and eyeliner take a preeminent position. Get ready for all the "butterfly eyes."

An even facial tone instead of contouring

Here's some good news for all those who never bothered to master the art of contouring this year (and for those who have yet to work out what it is): in 2017, natural facial tones without any complex patterns and multiple layers of foundation are set to be all the rage. Emphasizing your natural skin color can be done using glitter or sparkling blusher.

Glossy lipstick will replace matte lipstick

Matte lips, which we saw gleaming on every runway in 2016, are being replaced by glossy lipsticks next year. These are sure to give your lips volume and make them look even more seductive.

Berry-colored lipsticks instead of wine shades

"Berry-flavored" lipstick is set to be another fashion trend of 2017. Juicy raspberry, rich blackcurrant, or bright strawberry are all in. Wine-like shades, on the other hand, can be set aside for the time being.

Fine curls instead of retro waves

One of the main trends when it comes to hair next year is said to be small curls and waves created using tongs or small-diameter curlers. It's goodbye to large retro-style waves!

Tranquil colors for your hair instead of ultra-bright ones

The craze for glaringly bright hair that we've seen over the past couple of years is gradually dying down. Fuschia and ultramarine are being replaced by much calmer yet still beautiful shades.

Tightly coiled hair instead of messy style

If swapping bright colors for calmer ones is no problem, then, by contrast, another up-and-coming trend in the world of hairstyles may prove difficult for many girls to accept: the messy hair buns we enjoyed wearing in 2016 won't be big next year. The only thing that will be left is a much more tight, neater version, as well as seashell-shaped hair.

A bright French-style manicure instead of a "moon" manicure

The so-called "moon" manicure (where the base of the nail is either colored a different shade or not colored at all) was all the rage. In 2017, this is going to be replaced by something completely different - a cheerful, bright French manicure.

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