10 Hilarious Comics All Lazy Girls Will Understand

Let's be honest, ladies. Sometimes we all feel like we can't be bothered with our boring daily chores, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. However, some girls have become so advanced in their relaxed lifestyle that we don't know if we should call it gross or genius.

We at Bright Side are sure most of you can relate to these situations, even if you're not very lazy and not a girl.

Why shave your whole legs if only some parts of them are visible?

If you say you don't have "the chair," you cannot be trusted.

Using dry shampoo until your scalp starts itching.

You know what to do when you run out of clean socks and undies.

Borrowing your boyfriend's toiletries because sharing is caring.

Who on Earth sets only one alarm?

This is your idea of cleaning:

You can't go out because of...reasons.

But when you do, you often leave home in the same top you were sleeping in.

You ruined lots of pillowcases but mastered the perfect art of smudging yesterday's makeup into a fresh one.

Illustrator Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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