10 Mistakes That Prevent Us From Looking Perfect

Looking stunning 24/7 takes such a lot of effort. That is why it can feel so painful to see all your skillful work laid to waste by a single unfortunate mistake.

We at Bright Side decided to gather all these possible errors into a single list that'll help you memorize the best ways to always attract admiring glances.

1. Last-minute preparations

A cup of cold coffee in one hand, a rouge brush in the other, and a single question in your head: "What should I wear today?" All together - a surefire recipe for being late for work. Sounds familiar? You simply can't achieve perfect looks in a situation like that. However, you could've easily avoided the stress by deciding what to wear and making the necessary preparations the evening before.

2. Not dressing for the weather

And we mean the weather, not the season. A mink coat just doesn't look right on a rainy day - even if it's late December. Neither is it advisable to wear fine silk stockings in freezing weather. It's better to be conscious of your health and learn to dress stylishly, yet warmly. Look through your wardrobe and separate all your things into two groups: warm wear and light clothes. Everything that doesn't fit the current weather should be consigned out of sight!

3. Dressing out of place

Wearing high heels for walking on cobblestones or donning a cocktail dress for a day at the office will do nothing to improve your image. Price and brand are not important in cases like these - such choices of clothes always look out of place and inappropriate. Ultimately, wearing the wrong type of clothes makes you feel downright clumsy. It is always useful to find out the dress code and the format of the event in advance. Do not allow the desire to show off your latest wardrobe additions to prevail over common sense!

4. Wearing clothes that don't fit your size or figure

Almost certainly, all of us have a special pair of jeans that we hope to be able to climb into one day. The main thing is not to try wearing such items ahead of time. Also, try not to get carried away with sales and various ultra fashionable trends. This will help you avoid cluttering your wardrobe with things that are "just a tiny, imperceptible bit" too tight or loose or even completely unsuitable for your type of figure.

5. Minor flaws

A slightly crumpled appearance, a presence of lint, a small smudge, a loose thread, or a scattering of fur left on your clothes by your beloved cat - you can choose to ignore such things, hoping no one else will notice them. But a better option would be to arm yourself against these small oversights by always carrying a sticky lint removing roller in your handbag. We also advise you to carry a small "emergency kit" containing safety pins, a needle, and a spool of thread. Ideally, you should avoid wearing clothes that crumple easily.

6. Lack of accessories

You can look incredibly chic even in simple jeans and a sweater. It all depends on accessories. But you need to choose them correctly. It may be just a single detail: a scarf, a belt, or even jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, the main thing is to ensure that there's not too much of it and that it doesn't consist of blatant precious metal imitations.

7. Substandard materials

Synthetic fabrics may be cheap, but they look cheap as well. They crumple, lose their shape, and get dirty all too quickly. We advise you to stick to high-quality knitwear made of cotton, chiffon, silk, wool, and denim. Things made from those fabrics are more expensive, but not by much. They also look incomparably more appealing and give you a sense of true comfort.

8. Color combinations

Choosing the perfect color scheme in clothing is generally a tricky business. The colors must combine well with each other and harmonize with the wearer's complexion. If you have no time for studying such subtleties, you should simply remember that when choosing bright colors, it is best to go for deep, saturated hues: blue, coral, burgundy, red, and emerald. Also, you shouldn't forget about the universally noble pastel colors. Not to mention the popular classics: white and black.

9. Strange prints

You should be careful in choosing prints and patterns. Even the famous leopard print can convey nobility and wildness in one combination and vulgar tastelessness in another. If you're not exactly sure how to present yourself in such clothes, it is better to play it safe and choose from one of the classic, "can't-go-wrong" patterns, such as plaid, stripes, polka dots, or a geometric design.

10. Wrong choice of underwear

You might say, "Well, what does it matter? No one can see the underwear anyway!" That's where you're wrong: the look and feel of your underwear matters for your own well-being. Any internal discomfort affects our outward appearance. In addition, good lingerie helps to correct the figure, which already brings you halfway toward perfection!

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Based on materials from Reader's Digest, Popsugar
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